We might whisper their names then pass them by

as in a graveyard;

the bite of fate is much too strong

and so often their victims return

to repeat the original crime. 


appearing plausible in every respect

yet inhabiting the soil that yields up

unclean intentions mostly hidden

from those as yet untainted. 


Step warily, for someone trusted may softly visit

on the call of a moon

then we must raise our silver cruficixes.

Let God deal with them

with his knowing grace and graven face

while we forever condemn with the chant

of another age another time. 





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Thu 30th Sep 2021 16:35

Thanks Stephen for looking in.

Graham, thanks for your comments, and of course the analogy of vampires roaming is a dramatic one, while the truth of aberrant behaviour is much more likely to go unnoticed, until flagged up. I can't help seeing the perpetuation of crime passed on as a sort of horrible legacy through time.

Hi Mark. I wonder if Steve Coogan will be compromised in his future by this role. He is always worth watching, if only for his versatility. I still think the Louis Theroux documentary was highly revealing - no doubt it will never be repeated.

Stephen, i'm glad you felt that way, thank you.


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Stephen Gospage

Tue 28th Sep 2021 17:31

'Plausible' is at the centre of this. Good one, Ray.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 28th Sep 2021 15:15

Talk about "The bite of fate"
The BBC are publicising their forthcoming series based on the
activities/life of Jimmy Saville. Biting your own tongue may
not appeal when there's money to be made,.but it's almost
beyond parody.

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 28th Sep 2021 12:42

'the bite of fate is much too strong'..............This a great line Ray

as is.................'while we forever condemn with the chant of another age another time'.

An interesting take on abuse. I'm minded to think however that many abusers have an altogether less frightening persona.

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