The Self-Fulfilled Prophecy

The Self Fulfilled Prophecy

Baby— I know they hurt you bad

It makes me mad

 That one person's actions

Could leave you feeling— so small and sad


My darling— it’s not just my view 

How you were treated— was not your fault

Please belief this

It’s true


But you can’t shake it

You think the way they behaved

Was because of you

You were made to question ever...

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These Jeans Do Well

These Jeans Do Well

My grandmother's expression

Shown through her hands

My father's habit

Of fitting in too many plans


My sister’s sass

My brother’s mystery

Scars and strength

Filtered down

From a refugee history


My mother's eyes

And ability to connect

My cousins' approach

To love and live without regret


Our pagan leaves

And celtic vines


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Just Show Up

Just Show Up

Job promotions

Given to people either great or corrupt

Major sporting medals

All achieved

Just because they showed up


They weren't the best

Or the worst

But they put their hat in the ring

And that placed them first


Whether it be love, ambivalence or disgust

Or whatever the fate

Even while feeling inadequate— or arriving a few minutes late


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The Back Up Choice

The Back Up Choice

Meaningful conversations continuing for days

Routine—dates—and times

Dissolving in to a haze


Cocktail bars

Fireworks—Metaphorical and real

Wonderous connection

Hard to conceal


A  commitment made to a friend—the potential lover

Living so far away

While holding the hand— of another

And asking them to stay


I guess we all want to ha...

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