Cosmetic Colouration

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Cosmetic Colouration

I try to show to you my prettiest feathers

I cock my head up

Can’t you see my confidence

That I’m desperate to portray?


I’m trying to catch your attention 

Trying to appear utterly desirable

Yet despite my best attempts

You still won’t look this way


No longer relaxed

Feeling inadequate

And thereforeacting quite grandiose


This compensatory behaviour 

That I consciously and unconsciously produce

Feels disingenuous and gross


It’s all your fault—I like you

You make me act this way

Perhaps if mine or your wings were broken

You’d be more inclined to stay


But they are not

You are you

And I am me

This is the way things are meant to be


No matter if my feathers are rough or soft

Or if they are yellow,


Pink or green


In my eyes you are magnificent

But in yours

I am not seen


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Rasa Kabaila

Sun 28th Nov 2021 06:14

Thank you Stephen. I have the same feelings with many of your poems too. There is space for poetry to bring out lots of contrasting feelings, isn't there.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 26th Nov 2021 07:55

Thank you, Rasa. I really liked this one. It is quite sad but uplifting as well.

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Rasa Kabaila

Thu 25th Nov 2021 22:35

Indeed, this is true!

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Prince Ali

Thu 25th Nov 2021 10:52

Perspective is always so interesting. From one person's perspective to other can be two totally different worlds

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