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I'm moderately happy

It's easy and stable

But I'm owned— and controlled

I work for them— and not for me


The stability has kept me chained in golden handcuffs— for too long

I can't stay here forever

It's not within my values system


And with the leap I make

The unknown—the risk I choose to take

I embrace freedom

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John Botterill

Fri 20th May 2022 14:46

What a lovely comment Rasa. Made my day! 😀 However, I didn't say that I taught poetry very well haha...

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Rasa Kabaila

Fri 20th May 2022 09:24

Thanks John! Love hearing your life reflections. How fortunate we are ro have you here with us as a poetry teacher. 😃
Kind regards,

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John Botterill

Fri 20th May 2022 07:28

I have certainly known that feeling, Rasa. All those years teaching poetry and never writing any of my own!
Thank you. Hope your bid for freedom works out! 😀

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