A Dream Come True

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A Dream Come True


I loved writing

I really did

I guess I’ve stayed somewhat creative

And driven since being a kid


As an adult I took a cross road

I wanted to be a writer

But the field of journalism seemed to be faced with

Dicey ethics and uncertainty

A career of nursing seemed brighter


And then I became a:

Nurse writer

Surfer fighter

I realised I could hold on to more than one identity

I didn’t need to cling on to only one entity


When I wrote an article about being a new grad

I didn’t think it was amazing 

But I also thought it’s not ‘too bad’


I doubted it could be published but it was

So many other nurses said the article resonated with them

Which felt like praise and applause


And many articles later

That success of publishing (without being paid) continued

And my confidence in writing further developed and ensued


A friend later said

‘With all your nursing stories,

You could write a book’

I wasn’t famous or controversial

But I figured these were honest and important stories

And that would be my hook


It took five years to edit

When it had taken me six months to write

What was a labour of love

Was also a plight


And then the time came for me to become a lot more humble

Dozens of submissions to publishers

Came back with more subsequent rejections and ‘ghosting’

Than I’d ever received on ‘Bumble’


And I I could think was

The common denominator here is me

How can it not be the case

When all these publishers agree?


So off I went to produce my book

Solely in my own name

Which to me equated to failure

Which was really just a story in my head

 Created by shame


And with that I realised 

How many writers were in my shoes

And that the world does embrace independent authors

It was a revelation

That provided a remedy to heal my bruise


And on that path

A beautiful friend of a friend

Volunteered to read my book

He believed in my work and became my coach

And with that

He suggested a publisher I had not yet approached


I didn’t think the publisher was a fit

But having written so many submissions before

 I had nothing to lose

And I knew I could complete it pretty quick


And so I did..


 Three days later 

The editor in Paris wrote me an email

That made me gawk

 It said

‘I really love your work when can we talk?’

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Rasa Kabaila

Tue 23rd Aug 2022 01:56

Thank you Stephen and John. I'll let you know when the book is out! 😃

Kind regards,

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 22nd Aug 2022 07:51

That's a lovely story, Rasa. We should follow our dreams.

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John Botterill

Sun 21st Aug 2022 09:07

I love this poem, Rasa. It has pure drive and energy, just as you clearly do, too. Great stuff. By the way, your story is very instructive! 😀

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