My aching heart

My heart It aches

Engulfed by emptiness


Drowning me with loneliness

Moments apart feel like a lifetime

No idea how to cope

Don't want to cope

Just want to be with you


Yet I know I'm loved

I feel your love

It surrounds me

Protects me

My happiest times are when we're together

Side by side In bed





Why can't this moment last forever?

Everything feels so right

As our lives are supposed to be

Our bodies entwined

Responding as one

You love me for what I am

Who I am

No need to pretend


Being in love with you feels so natural

Can't remember my life before

Don't want to remember my life before

You are my life

And I will love you forever


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chris yates

Fri 13th Feb 2015 23:04

Abusive relationships such love less controlling partners, glad you have found love ( : ♡

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