Is it safe?

Had a dream last night that I entered a poetry competition, the prompt was Is it Safe?  This silly poem was buzzing around my head when I woke up this morning.


Is it safe?


That dangling wire

Swinging like Tarzan’s rope.

Is it safe?

The dog over the road,

Barking at everything is sight.

Is it safe?


Going for a swim,

After you’ve had lunch.

Is it safe?


When asked by the hairdresser “What style?”

You reply “Whatever you like.”
Is it safe?


Standing up on the bus

While it’s still in motion.

Is it safe?


Having five minutes more

After your alarm has gone off.

Is it safe?


Being honest with a woman when asked

“Does my bum look big in this?”

Is it safe?


Crossing the road

while the lights are still on green.

Is it safe?



Whilst keeping your eyes open.

Is it safe?


This journey we’re all part of

called life.

Is it safe?

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Wed 10th Sep 2014 20:12

Enjoyed this - I love poetry that makes you laugh but then has a serious twist to it.

Now having just read Cynthia's comment, I see how in line I am with her thoughts.

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Sun 7th Sep 2014 22:32

Very funny and touches the way our modern,busy brains work :)

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chris yates

Sun 7th Sep 2014 21:20

Ha ha made me laugh out loud ... is it safe ... in this world of health and safety ha ha no nothing safe ( : x

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 6th Sep 2014 16:53

Very apt in an age that obsesses about "health
and safety".
The title also buzzes around my own mind as I
recall the evil character so memorably played
by Laurence Olivier in the film "Marathon Man"
- repeating those words to poor Dustin Hoffman as he drilled his teeth!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 6th Sep 2014 15:25

Enjoyed this very much. A well-crafted structure putting a sharp twist on a much over-used caution. And a conclusion that triggers personal thought.

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