All thoughts at once with no reserve

Too drunk to round the curve

All memories I wish to fade, currently present

I suffer from a case of self endangerment

All the things I've held

The purpose it gave

All are stones marked of a light in a dark and lonely grave

The essence of its sweetness still bleeds within


The wind dancing in the fields

The green, saturated earth with beauty in new bloom

The sun flickering off the ripples

The birds singing lovely tunes

The stars twinkling as they round

The sun making the break of dawn

All the things that won't let you down

This is to help me move on


These things I know still exist

The freight train in the distance inevitably precist

The blowing horn sounds its warning

The past its adorning

The force shakes the earth

The woosh of every car, a memory that's now my curse

It's hard to see aproaching light when so much of it is behind you

The force gets to heavy

A swelled, bursting levee

The head lights shine upon the door

The car Idles in the night

Contemplation holds me

Loneliness torments me

Thoughts of you

Destroy me



◄ Greener Grass



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