gazing into the july night sky

our segmentation of time to define a point within our silestrial revalutions

the grand structures of light that seem to suspend in an endless universe

like binkons of hope not written in verse

the four points of light that make the diamond shows me were the milky way is running

and if you catch it in the middle of the night, it really is quite stunning

and there's the old faithful Big Dipper, which can be seen from all around the sun from my point of the hemisphere.

other constallations rise and fall with the seasons, but the Big Dipper guides our sails to our northern axis that goes through our planetary center

our minds spin through time and all time in the universe is one, if you allow your mind to become


P.S. I piss outside in the middle of the night, the stars are all stuning know matter the season

◄ A Gift From the Universe to Emer



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New Shoes

Sun 23rd Jul 2017 01:57

yes there are most definitely two sides to my gemini brain, but the postings of both New and Old Shoes was merely to have both poems on the blog to be readily readable by the blog reading public. New Shoes is an attempt at being more positive, which is a current struggle. And Old Shoes was pretty worn out in the first place.

Ya to think that all great ponderers of the past pondered into the vast universe with their dick in their hand just as I do is pretty cool to think about.

you keep it up as well Colin


<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 22nd Jul 2017 09:21

Old Shoes / New Shoes - will you be splitting your poetry output between your split brain good man? If you get tired of them shoes and develop yet another personality may I suggest Worn Out Shoes? ?

pissing outside under the stars is highly recommended for the furtherance of poetry and mankind in general. Keep it up!

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