The Life and Death of Special Kitty kitty

fangs and claws so sharp they could pierce the mightiest of rodant

long and sleek black hair made him stealth in the night

a face of beauty and pride with warmth through his deep green eyes

a half white mustage and as if he wore socks on certain feet

a full gentle heart if I ever did see one

as I trusted him with my two wee ones

his size above average, but not immune to a preditors bite

him and his sister companions through life

he would disappear into the woods time and time again

with each return bearing the marks of one more life taken

and as though he new he was on his last, he stayed with his securities

many gifts he brought to the door

a noble friend that was adored by me and mine and the other outdoor pets alike

he had traveled around the sun 3 1/2 times and past the point of the dead of winter

fresh water two times a day, and the topping off of feed every three

the sister usually let me know when rashions were getting low, as she did the day before

feeding to be such a task, with snow so high. I set out that morning

and there he was beside their house as if waiting to be fed

I filled the tray

his tail twitched oddly

a faint meow as if asking for help

I held him, his limbs not easily moved

brought inside, handed to the wife

clearly there was something wrong

on a sunday emergancy calls only

thoughts of holding on to the morning

I knew he would not survive til then

plans shifted to accomidate him

the proceedure 50/50 the $ worth the chances

I looked him in the eyes and asked if he was strong enough

he replied with a painful meow

full hopes

late night, phone rings

he didn't make it

our hopes fell to sadness

was he trying to say good bye with his final words to me and I was too blind to see

plans canceled for the next day

strategy for telling the kids

they now knowing, tears now showing


I would tredge a path and dig upon the hill were lives once lived are not forgottten

the girls would make him good bye gifts

it was time

he in a box

we set out

all the pets followed

my oldest made him a bed with blanket and pillow

I laid bed and pillow

took him from the box, he was curled as though sleeping

laid him down

placed  the picture that my youngest colored of the family so not to be forgotten

all weeping

trying to say goodbye

the blanket placed

animals and all imbraced in morning

we gave thanks to have shared his presence

my youngest stay with me to pile the earth atop him

this noble prince that once walked the land now resides in our hearts and minds

a sad day


incase you're wondering what took his 9th life

toxsins spread through his body from not being able to pee








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Big Sal

Wed 6th Dec 2017 05:34

Touching tribute to a special pet lost. Very thought provoking.

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