The Suffering

If you peered in through my window would you uncover the secrets to my soul

If I lost my heart to the darkness would you be there to know

If I chewed to much to swallow would you watch me choke


would my letter be placed upon the shelf

would I feel the sufficanting scrinch as my breath ends as I dangle from the noose

would my end be high up in the stars or an eternal burning in hell


I don't care is the answer that I built

to hangle or to dangle, that is the question

if our lives were lived in black and white like the paper afront your door

as we read in the obitcharies that their lives were so much more

is my action as equal as my inaction

           do I exist in the middle

should I live a life like Mr. bow jangles and still greave

or should I be excused while I kiss the sky

I live a life within the light and darkness

as I am sinking down below

can a magnetic attraction cast me in for one more show


within reason, reasonible things

within loss, lost things

within mourning, suffering

within darkness, the words from the Doors;

"this is the end, my only friend, the end. of all alabrit plans, the end"

but it speaks of light and so much more, if you follow the glow







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