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wandering down the endless hall

the echo killing couridor

to the left and to the right the shiny knobs beg the question

my corisidy beckons

a gentle turn, a gentle creak

behold the confines of an angry beast

ripping and tearing at the walls, trying to be free

I'll leave it be

I close this door and be on my merry way

inni minni mini mo which now shall I go

aw, this one has a certain curiosity, though not different

a gentle turn, a gentle creak

there I am

the tree

the family

christmas eve

oh the feeling, the beautiful feeling

this ones in my heart

well lets wander now, and see what we find

so much to say yet a poem cannot express

all that I find, the worst to the best

oh, what's this? It seems as though it's the end of the hall

no, I don't recall ever being here before

and yet, now infront of me, a door

a gentle turn, a gentle creak

port holes showing

endless rivers flowing

mind is blowing

time slowing

universe turning

I'm not burning

no more learning

time of returning

the all is pulling

grip is loosening

thought of never being

grip  re-tightening

no longer frighting

need for staying

now I'm praying

release me from your timeless vortex

let me back in through this door!

never more

blasted raven

vacuum ceases

I'm released, back to where I came before.

lets hope its a long time before i find this door again

that was close



The Life and Death of Special Kitty kitty ►


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