Memories 10-13-2018


       I’m about to get out of my car& I feel the cool brisk air& also see the stars in the sky. 

     As I look at them I remember the night we stayed out on your back porch for a few hours and just talked& talked. 

     Oh, the memories. 

      The smell of a campfire reminds me of the air I smell & the coolness  that brushes up against the face. Miss you!

        Where has the time gone?

Where have we gone since that brisk cool night?

       It was a  November night and the night air was cool and breezy... the sound of the wind had a calming effect like a soft hug. 

         The night moon lit the sky as we talked about everything and anything on our minds. 

     Now the times are so different & even though things are so different, we too have grown. 

      Grown in a positive way... the night sky has a new look to me now. 

        Right now it’s cold, and dark not lit by the night moon. It’s got a dark cloud in it until it opens up again.

         It’s so dark sometimes that I get lost in it. 

      So lost that I don’t know where I am anymore or whom I am anymore.

     Everything around me feels like some kind of fantasy that I can’t get free from that in the darkness, reality sets in.

    It’s an unsettling feeling and not a dry eye in the horizon either. 

   Horizon, what’s that? I can’t see two months in front of me, why would I see a horizon? 

        Seriously.  So sad right now my heart goes every which way& aches for something new. Some break in the angst I have now. 

     Memories can also help you get through things as long as they’re ones you really cherished and hung onto. 







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