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      As she looks up and sees tall trees around her  filled with color,

    Filled with life....

      Filled with understanding and content.....

  Filled with just so many questions as well as if they’ll survive or fall? 

     She shares a few words with a good friend about life. 

      It’s so serene how the leaves on the trees can give off such spark and energy.

     A new place to share & have memories. 

       What a beautiful new day, new beginning, and a breathe of fresh air. 

   To spend it with the ones we love and cherish..... 

          The tall trees may tell a story but the lives below them are changing every day just as their leaves are. 

           Though we look at them as trees, we can learn to appreciate the serenity they give off and make a new beginning with that in itself. 

         The flare of orange in the leaves makes it seem that there’s more to them than just leaves... but a happy place as well. 

 Just filled with color, life, understanding, & content. She’s hoping they survive for the next year! 




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