Over It


                      Over It 12-15-2018


As she looks down the road she sees a bridge. 

  A bridge with two lanes...

Two lanes that lead right to you...

    This bridge has a new meaning to life... knowing that there maybe be water under that bridge, there is always you in my heart& thoughts. 

      We came to far to lose this... looking down the street now.. feels like it’s just another road and not anything special... it’s just a memory glowing in a distance?

   That it’s just not the same feel as it used to be.... man... 

  Such:       A







            Linger in the heart that ones mind gets confused sometimes..... 

        The one she saw tonight wasn’t the one she saw when they first started walking. & talking...

     The one she saw tonight was definitely distracted a lot& not very focused.. what things had done to her had no excuse  for it, had no rhyme or reason... just sucked!! 

         She feels for her and hates how hopeless she feels. 

              She can’t wait til one day she is relaxed again& summer mode is back.

     She hates what the other seasons do to her and hates how things aren’t the same anymore... 

she tries her damndest to make it seem better& realizes she’s gotta keep hanging on for her... 

     as its not her fault she’s like that.. it’s not even her own fault for her moods... 

         it’s the stress of the new journey she has to embark and wishes it were the same.. 

           but she is stronger from all of this.. she can and will be okay.... one day! 


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