Her Will

                    Her Will 3-6-2019


    Though she is caught in grey skies , she will be lifted soon enough around others that lift up Her mood.

  She struggles to stay afloat and she struggles to not let the winter blues take her away but it’s so hard to stay on top of the sails sometimes when the wind is pushing against her. 

      Sadness fills the air, sadness surrounds her & starts to pull her with it. 

     She feels that she isn’t in control of anything going on around her and it frustrates her because she can’t make things better quicker for herself and everyone else around her. 

       She feels lost in her own skin that the streams are just too strong right now. 

          The more her heart sinks, the more it pulls her into that current. 

  How far does she have to go before it snaps? 

       Though the current may be strong, her will and courage to change the things she can and the wisdom to know the difference is the best medicine for her to know... that she will be okay one day.... she just needs a little help to get there .

      No one ever told her that road would be easy but the unknown is always the scariest... which is why she will lean on the positive in-her life& look forward to what she has in front of her and not what she doesn’t have. 

   Her children she fights for and works hard for everyday! 

   She will get through... ,”One Day At A Time.” 



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Melissa Wayner

Thu 7th Mar 2019 05:19


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Jason Bayliss

Wed 6th Mar 2019 18:54

Honest and emotional. I really like this. I love the fact that even though you paint a really sad, tough picture, you also paint a pragmatic, hopeful future. Thanks for sharing. Loved it.


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