The Beginning Of A Great Journey

                  Distance Nov 14 2018

So much around,so little to know. Thinking that she did something wrong, said something to upset her.. not possible. This weather, season will be a different light. A light will soon go on in her mind that something is missing. Something missing like someone that she used to know. Used to know the norm, the norm that made her feel safe.. Feel safe that all will be okay& that things will eventually move forward for the better. She feels she is just a stranger in a distance and sees them occasionally.... it tugs at her heart strings. Her heart is distant from not only her kin but from anyone on the outside of the day time into the night. Into the night there will soon be day& good times will come again, just gotta get through the tough part by saying goodbye each night to her loved ones. A tear runs down her cheek and she sobs and knows what she’s doing is for to better what she’s currently in. Better than she was prior to where she is today. She feels stronger as the days get by as she surrounds herself around positivity and support to help her through this tough season. Tough seasons are chilly and dark... the light goes into darkness too fast and it takes all she has to jump up through the dark. She jumps through and is proud of herself for where she is today and how strong she is for what she’s done. The distance may be distant but for only a short time because she perseveres to good things & great adventures ahead?She is resilient!!!! Not so distant after all!!!

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