As I Come To Terms Posted: 3-12-2019

             As I Come To Terms. 9-15-18


           As I came home yesterday, I paused for a few moments.... I reflect on what it is I needed to do... 

          I reflected  on the fact that reality is coming& that, I can’t believe I am going into this journey. 

         Yes, a wise few tell me don’t stress but it’s hard not to when you’re Mom. 

        I worry about not tucking them in at night, I worry about how long this will go for... I worry about the toll this will take. 

        Worried about if I will get burnt out...

         I know others say not to worry... but, it’s just me& who I’ve always been.. can’t change that part of me.. it’s a pretty hard trait to change. 

        She wonders next what to do.. get distracted, do something out of her norm... 

        So, she takes out a friend and reflects 


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Jason Bayliss

Tue 12th Mar 2019 09:48

I've told people not to worry, in the past and they've said it to me in return.
I think it would be far more useful to say, " Do worry if you need to, but not so much that you can't function. Because you have to function."

Insightful poem Melissa.

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