The Turtle Wasn’t The Point

    3-7-2019 Her Creativity Shattered In One Instance


      As she sat there and heard a story, she was amused with what was coming next.

       As the story was over of that turtle.. the  next direction changed her creativity forever with just those few words...

     She was given a picture of a turtle to color.. she then colored the shell all different colors to be creative.When that voice came up and said.. “that’s not the way you color a turtle” 

      She had been shattered like the broken glass falling to the floor....

Luckily she grew up and encourages her own kids to be creative with their coloring,  because she wouldn’t want them to have that experience that she did as a young girl.. Just starting school. 

Just be careful how you speak to little ones.. it can stick with them. This has for over 20years and still feels self conscious of her coloring. 








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