Lola's Thoughts

My thoughts are clean

I am kind

I am free

I have strong boundaries

I am stronger than any

Spiritual Attacks

I am stronger than any

Evil eyes

Any low vibrating entities


Or dark forces

My shadow and my light

Are very balanced

My angel and my demon

Are best friends

I am very sexy

Very sensual

Men get hard

Just from the thought of me

I am healing

I am motherly

That attracts anybody


Or it can also repel a motherfucker

It's one way or the other

There's really no median

There's no middle ground

A lot of people

That are actually attracted to me

They eventually become

Repelled of me

Because my energy

Is just too intense for them 

Can you blame them?

I don't really think they've

Seen strength like mine

In thier lifetime

I've learned that

You know

That's a personal problem

And I shouldn't take it


That's why im so close to 

My ancestors

You know 

Because they love me

They get me

In all of my intensity

They want it all

And they continue to cheer me on

For more

They love when I dance 

And shake my ass freely

Well maybe not my dad

But my gramma

She sure as hell do

She love that shit

My ancestors teach me

To love myself


And to see myself

The way that they see me

The way that my son sees me

And they are so very much 

Proud of me

And that is enough





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