Love Is God

God is love

Love is God

The biggest scam

The powers that be

Ever delivered to man

Was seperating him

From the almighty Jah

Divide and conquer

Began there 

At that very manipulated concept

Then led to the man and the woman themselves

Then the family dynamic

Then the community

And then society as a whole

United we stand

Divided we fall

Treating eachother


Niggas, bithces and hoes

Even though Nigeria

Birthed many of our

Brothers and sisters

Needing to ground to the earth more

With the soles of our feet

Needing to have our ego take several seats

As we feed our soul

No longer knowing how it feels

To be whole

How soon do we forget

Our place

We sat on thrones

And had commandment

Over dominons 

We are not descendents of slaves

But of prisoners of war

Our bloodline holds

Kings, Queens and ascended masters

Tormented and forced into

Amnesia of our true power

My God isn't sitting in the sky somewhere

With a check list

Checking off who is naughty 

And who is nice

My Goddess is in the flesh

You looking at her

Smiling at her

Seeing her

In awe of her

Touching her 

Hugging her

Smelling her

Learning from her

Feeling her

Hearing her

Loving her

Basking in her ambiance

At the end of the Lords Prayer

Psalms 23 

It says 

I will dwell in the house of the Lord



Im here to remind you

That the house is within

For we are the temples

That house the holy spirit

Conduits for the spiritual 

And the physical worlds

A part of all that there is

Welcome to your enlightment

The Renissance Era

The Age of the Aquarius

Theres no more space for you

To be acting all delirious 

It don't cost much to pay attention

But common sense isn't something 

That blooms in every garden

I am the lightskin egyptian

The aboriginal woman

I've walked this land 

Since the beginning of time

My first incarnation

Was in the ancient lands of kemet

I am the Goddess in the flesh

Mama Lola

Here to nourish my babies

That were rocked to sleep

With my nectar

Its okay to weep

To mourn for who you used to be

But I don't want to hear a peep

Of you hating yourself anymore

Because God is Love

Love is god

The light of God surrounds you

The love of God strengthens you

The power of God fuels you

Wherever you are God is

All is well



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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Apr 2022 13:44

Love of self is the guiding light. For it is within oneself that belief and faith prosper and the struggle against wrong and wrong-thinking exists to make the world a better place...belonging
before division.

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John Botterill

Thu 7th Apr 2022 22:41

Spiritual and poetic. A real tonic for the soul.

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 7th Apr 2022 19:53

Powerful prose Mama!

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