A Reminder To My Inner Teenager

You have psychic abilities

Its difficult to manage emotions

When you're swimming in a bunch of horse shit

It's hard to trust yourself

When you continually lie to yourself 

The way you've been lied to

You lie about how much fear and stress

You can manage and take

Stop accepting things 

You never wanted to accept in the first place

You are creating a community

With people that are on the same path as you

You attract good relationships because

You are genuienly a good person

You are in control of your own happiness

You are in control of your own life

You are going to reach every goal you set for yourself

You are living a positive lifestyle

You are worthy of peace

You are in a pivotal moment of your life

You are very powerful

You are rock solid and can weather any storm

You are having a tough time but it is only temporary

You are in the here and now

You are healing your heart space

You are living the life you manifested

You are in love with your life

You are in love with yourself

You are healthy and wholesome

You have the power of your Ancestors behind you

You are your Ancestors' wildest dreams

You can make it through anything

You have a beautiful family

A beautiful family comes from you

You are healing invalidation

You recieve initiation

You can count on people who love you when you need them

You are seriously commited to yourself

You are grateful you can depend on people who love you

Anything you set your mind to you can accomplish and achieve it

You are in control of your life

You are in control of your happiness

You are in love with life

You are capable of phenomenal things

Tough times don't last tough people do

You are grateful for everything that you recieve

You are incontrol of every single aspect of your life

You are done casting your pearls to swine

You live by your own values 

You pursue your own goals

You are worthy 

You are the creator of your reality




◄ Love Is God

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