My Name Is Sunshine

The Sun shows up everyday

Without missing a beat

Rather it's sad

Rather it's mad

Even if its misunderstood

It still shares it's heat

It shares it's warmth

It shares it's light

But not because

It's the right thing to do

Shout out to Spike Lee

Nor because

The Sun is polite

Or because

You gotta catch a flight

At 6 AM

And the Sun just wants to make sure

You can see where you're going


The sun shows up 

As itself


Without missing a beat

Because that's who it is

Sunshine down on me

Little darling

Activate my melanin

Take all of my blues away

Put me in charge of

The thoughts in my head


Fuck depression

Grow my crops

Grow my hair

Stimulate my vegitation

New Growth!

Expose what's been hidden

In the dark

Be my spark

Be my inspiration

This little light of mine

I'm gonna let it shine

When I'm buried

Deep underneath the dirt

You remind me that

I am a seed

That will sprout it's head

Once again

Through the Earth's surface


And I will return

Back home

To what I know

To what keeps me safe

My divine esscence

And I will return 

Back home

To what I know

To what will

Point me in the right direction

My internal compass

Scorch the barren terrain around me

Causing a fire that will

Burn all of the excess away

The bullshit

The mundane

The unneccessary things

That get in my way

The lies

The illusions

Burn it clean

Nothing to be left behind but

The bare

The bold

The wholesome

And the beautiful

Strip me down to 

My authenticity 

Expose my truth 

For this whole entire world to see

I don't need this fluff

I don't need all this extra stuff

Weighing me down

Confusing me

Halting me

Limiting me

Haunting me

Rerouting me

To an unfavorable destination


Please let your rays encourage 

My pores 

To produce this massive prespiration 

That will melt it all away 

Let it flow down my body

Like water

Into a puddle

That will eventually evaporate

Back into the Earth's atmoshphere

Alchemized for anew 

Allow your ultraviolet

To stick to me

Like honey


Sun drinker

The honey bees 

Are always attracted to me

To my light

They forever land on me

Yet they never sting me

For they respect me

I am their reminder

It's like my prescence 

Speaks for itself

And it says

Your life is important

And if you got wings

Baby, you better flaunt it

Don't allow anyone to tell you

That your body is too big

To levitate

And when the world around you

Gets a little bit too loud

Just remember you gotta go within 

And meditate

I am the lighthouse

In the middle of the storm

Here to remind you that

The sun will shine again

No matter the weather

When all you can see around you

Is dark clouds and rain

I am the lighthouse

In the middle of the storm

Here to remind you that

Salvation is possible

When all you can see around you

In the moment

Is destruction and pain

I am the lighthouse 

In the middle of the storm

Here to remind you that

Ressurection is probable

From the sunken place that

Has kept you prisoner for all of this time

You just need to release your mind

And surrender

To Sister ocean

And let her salty waters take all your 

Scress away

All of your pain

All of your ruin

All of the agony

Let her tulmultuous waves crash you in

So that you may end up washed upon the shore


I know its hard to relinquish control

When you aren't entirely too sure

Where you'll end up

Do you have faith in your creator?

Because no matter where 

You end up

No matter where you land

You will be able to stand up

On you own two feet again


And Surely you will

Dry off

Once the Sun

Shines down again 

And the light hits your skin

And it will

Most definitely 

But not because

It's the right thing to do

Nor because

The sun is polite

Or because

You gotta catch a flight

At 6 AM

But because

That's who it is

And the Sun never misses a beat

My name is Sunshine


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 11th Nov 2022 17:23

Bring on Summer😀

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Jo Callisto

Fri 11th Nov 2022 03:00

I love this poem.. for its pace... and for its length.. and for all the rapid fire concepts. great stuff...

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