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drowning in poetry

a poem of longing

a poem of remembrance

a poem of rage

a poem of hope


a poem to slip into your mind

a poem to never forget the story

a poem to purge the feelings

a poem of healing


do you ever get the feeling 

we’re drowning in poetry?

day by day 

inundated by poetry.


everywhere you go, 

another platform, 

another social network 

for poets...

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listen to her

inside of you,

that constant voice

knows you better 

than anyone else.


she’s been there

when no one else was.

she knows she’ll never

steer you wrong.


she’ll direct you forward, 

& retract you 

from uncomfortable situations.

no matter if they say otherwise, 

listen to her.


friends know a side of you,

your lover knows another,

but she knows...

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The Gentle Birdsong Calling of Spring

it's right underneath,

brewing under my chest

this quiet whisper circling-

not spiraling downwards as 

i often tend to, but in a way a

gentle breeze swirls a handful

of leaves and they flutter away.

there's an inquisitive nature 

to it where there is somehow a

sense of magic at hand, and yet

somehow there must be a reason

to it all. a scientific process that 


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the lull of the storm

the pitter-patter of droplets upon my windowpane 
tap relentlessly 
blowing left & right 
remind me of the storm we once created 
now settled deep into my mind 

oh, to get swept up in your storm 
the intensity of your words 
the passion brewing & spilling over 
the constant wind whipping & striking 
before the longest lull 

most nights i now sit and wait 
for your storm 
to consume me,...

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Our Song

Spinning the same song 

that connected us

gets harder to hear.

Each verse cuts deeper 

into what never was, 

what could have been, 

the longing to be near.


With my fingertips crossing your beard, 

your fingers grazing my thighs, 

those longing sleepless nights 

I’ve waited to be alongside 

the one that knew the depth 

of my emotions,

facing eye to eye.


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artistsloversmusicour song

Separated Not By Love

You set the scene, 
describe it so perfectly; 
what we’ll do 
what I’ll wear 
where we’ll go 
from the first moments of excitement 
to the height of pure ecstasy 

But love, 
it’s a trembling sensation 
that leaves me wanting; 
wanting to lay with you, 
to feel your warmth next to me 

The cool breeze from the window 
attempts to ease 
the burning between us 
but fails as we don’t let...

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Our (Mis)Fortune

Your hand slips into mine, 
the fortune-teller notices 
our smiles with glittering eyes
she’s convinced 
there’s a future between us
she smiles & invites us in

Laying down cards one by one 
it reveals the betrayal and secrets
that will keep us
from the love that has swept us into a whirlwind 

We turn to each other stunned
but a laugh begins, 
she replies, “Sorry, no refunds”

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Sunday Thoughts

Two lone souls 

believing they stand out in the crowd

do they really

or are they the same as everyone around

they feel like they're special, profound

no one must feel the same

but they do,

they all want to be loved

they're all searching for the one


Yet there isn't only one for you

there are quite a few

as they've slowly come in and out of view

this one here...

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Nightly Routine

Late at night 
Lying in bed
Headphones on
Listening to music
Or a few recorded poems
Reading the latest 
I attempt to craft a new one
Or brush up a draft not quite finished

It’s becoming routine
I’ve always been
An undercover poet
Now I’m sharing my words 
With my family’s support as an added bonus

Shared are the happenings,
The disappointments,
The contests never won,

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Drove to See You

I drove down to see you
stood in your doorway unannounced
you were there with another
I again felt like an outsider
I didn’t belong
after I wrote you at length
many love songs

My poems wrapped in a box
delivered but only to be forgotten
my heart still in shock
you were going away
never to be seen again
until the month of May
when I would fly thousands of miles
just to see that smil...

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artistslost lovers

The Truth Within

I’ve drowned, too

trying to stay afloat

swimming in those eyes of ocean blue

navigating through hypnotic moves

and poetic words

that make you feel

he only has eyes for you 


But in truth,

you’re another hole

he’s been trying to fill

another escape

to let his mind erase

the truth within


“Was I Just Another One?”


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The Haunting

Is it better to have a love lost

Not knowing about the other side

To have a deep hole in your heart 

To keep what was lost in the past

And always wonder ‘what if’


Or to have it come back,

Haunt you

And realize it was true

Always has been

And he’s thinking of you, too


With thousands of miles away

You both have commitments

There’s no future

Only the p...

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lost lovelove

The Disposables

We met there in the bar
most nights
the same drink
the same table
conversing over troubles
we leaned on each other 
in those long nights 

This night
I sit and wait
at the same table
with the same drink
you hadn’t arrived yet
and I linger for hours

Nights like this pass
was it something I said
was there someone new
what was it keeping you

Then you arrive one night...

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drinkingfriendslost lovelost loversnew love

Another Love Poem

How many times does it cross your mind

Maybe a thousand times 

I’d rather have you near

Than only have your poems reciting in my ear

Sure, they comfort me

But most days and nights I need you miserably

And those heartbreaking songs

They make me feel like we belong 

Despite the truth of our existence 

I wish to be in your presence 


So here’s another love poem


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Spiraling down a dark hole
no way out
no way to return 
from where I've come

Sucked in by the force
matter dissolving all around
and I, too, 

I've seen all,
experienced all 
that I need to
I'm going through without regrets, 
not looking back
This is who I am now
I fade to black 


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Down on Lovers Lane

Walking down Lovers Lane on that cool October evening 
We stopped and lingered there
Stood only inches apart
There wasn’t anything more to say
I wasn’t one for small talk anyway 
We both knew what we wanted
I asked that fateful question,
‘What are you waiting for?’
You kissed me
All I can remember is that time stood still
I lost my breath 
I lost feeling in my legs
I crashed to the gro...

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first kisslost lovememories

Lost and Found

Let me help you flip the switch
Scratch that itch 
that’s been burning 
For some time we’ve been yearning 
for each other
Under the moonlight
we reach for a lover
that’s been like no other

I’ve longed to hold you,
to have you close to me
to feel you envelop me
to have our hands intertwine
to graze my fingers across your body and across your lips
to rest my hand on your cheek
to loo...

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Swallowed by the Shine of the Sun

Sitting in the sun
Soaking up the warmth 
Staring out into the distance 
Hoping that something will change
Every time I’m in the light

With the rustle of leaves
And birds flying by
Whistling to their mates
Signaling Spring is here
Everything finally feels right


[Feb 2020]

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Meet Me In The Rain

Meet me in the rain

So I can explain

The sun’s gone 

And it’s been too long


I look at your pictures on the wall

I shouldn’t keep them up for too long

I miss the sound of you down the hall

So I avoid the sound of you at all


It’s as if the flood gates of heaven opened up from God’s weeping

Deep down I know it wasn’t you I should be keeping


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artistslost lovemeet againrain

Calming Waters

Waves crashing

in and out

up and down

pushing and pulling


A knock on the door

beating louder and louder

waking my fibers

restless and unrelenting


Louder it knocks

heartbeat pulsing

anxiety levels rising

these fears in me won't subside


Breathing in and out

imagining the waves 

the calming waters 

I am one with them

and how they rise aga...

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Wait and See

Standing out by the water
I see you’re alone
Do I care 
to bother you
or should I leave you
with your thoughts,
let you decide 
if this is what you want
Will you come to me
or do I beg you to stay
in this space
I can see it written
all over your face
You’re in too deep,
taking steps back with a ‘wait and see’
Let me know how that works out
There's no need to scream and shout 

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Countdown to Love

As little girls plucking petals one by one reciting,
“He loves me, he loves me not,”
all love and happiness rested on the count of those petals.
If an even number, the girl is bitterly disappointed.
While an odd count surely takes her over the moon with his undying love for her.
If only as adults that love and happiness would be so definitively decided as with the pluck of a petal.


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Getting To Know You

Getting lost in your deep blue eyes
I simply forget everything else
This is our fantasy, our escape
and there is life outside these four walls

Our wants extend us to stay a little longer
We’ve been waiting for this day 
and it’s too soon to walk away

I’d rather have my time 
with your body next to mine
I’d rather have my time 
getting to know each piece of you, my partner in crime

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Awaiting the Day

Without hesitation I drop you a line
Hours later in time
I wait for your reply
Thinking what will it be
And hoping for you to excite me

I’m thinking of you
And wish it would be true
That you’ve been thinking of me, too

My pulsing and racing heart
Awaits the day we’re sprawled out in the sheets
And please, let us be
Like we dream it will be

With our salty, sweet dreams of our bodi...

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One by one counting memories:
an old photograph of us at the beach,
a sweater that won’t rid itself of your scent,
books and CDs that you lent,
I’ve packed them away
They won’t see another day

I’ve packed the boxes, 
made the plans,
the rooms are empty
but I am motionless

Is it that familiar look?
Is it the morning glow
that paints itself through the window?
No, it’s the memories ...

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letting golost lovememoriesmoving on

You Never Cease To Captivate Me

I’m not the man for you,
this is true
but does your man, Henry,
make you tremble like I used to?
Does he do things to you like I used to?

He may look nice in his suit
and treat you to dinner
but does he deliver?
Does he cross your mind late at night?
Does he give you butterflies?
Does he bring you your favorite flowers?

I was too much of a coward
I should have loved you
I should h...

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lost loveold flame

The Basis of My Character(s)

These are my characters
Some of them have affairs
Some of them are drowning
While gasping for air
There’s a hint of something there
That may never be
Nothing more 
Than a simple connection between you and me

These characters have flaws,
That is true
These characters may seem similar 
But trust me, 
They’re not based on you

These characters are simply fragments of feelings 

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In a Sea of Lonely Nights

A lonely boy in a sea of lonely nights 

in that last hour of the day

capturing words he wishes he had said

writing them down

so they’re out of his head


Music fills the air

soothing the tension

lessening the cares


Take a trip to the other side: 

what makes the other person tick,

what makes them come alive,

what’s in their head they’re trying to hide



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Get Lost in the Pouring Rain

So feeble

we fumble

bodies tangling, intertwining

we get lost in the moment,

in the rush

drifting off to our own space


No time like the present

we’re looking for answers in the pouring rain


If you could get by

for one night

without looking for the answers


If you could

for one night

love me just the same


Everybody needs something

to j...

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