drowning in poetry

a poem of longing

a poem of remembrance

a poem of rage

a poem of hope


a poem to slip into your mind

a poem to never forget the story

a poem to purge the feelings

a poem of healing


do you ever get the feeling 

we’re drowning in poetry?

day by day 

inundated by poetry.


everywhere you go, 

another platform, 

another social network 

for poets.


countless poets lost 

among the broken hearts

with stories that rip deep into us.


events and notifications pop up constantly. 

do this, do that.

see here, listen there.

read and absorb all the talented forms and poets that you can.


i sift through multiple journals and sites 

encouraging all to “submit your best work!”

yet when does one have time to create when trying to keep up?


it’s in these moments where it feels best to retreat and figure out which method works best for me.

dab a little in other’s works, write a few lines here and there, 

listen to a poem or two, 

join an online reading, and network when it feels right.


in true poetic form, the gatherings and discoveries excite and inspire.

part of having a poetic life is that poetry will always be there when you need it.

and yet there’s opportunity to take a break and resume again when it’s convenient;

it’s poetry, it’s not going anywhere.


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Fri 19th Mar 2021 02:20

Thank you so much, Stephen! So glad you enjoyed it. 🙏🏻

Poetry is part of us and sometimes it gets overwhelming but it’s always there when you need it.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 18th Mar 2021 17:13

I love this poem. No one can argue with the last line!

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Tue 16th Mar 2021 19:49

Full length recording can be found here:

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