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In Sharp Contrast

In Sharp Contrast


It burst forth like a rapturous applause

to see the field by the river which had been

sprinkled with a saffron down

as buttercups claimed their righful ground

The month of May had arrived

to rejuvenate the landscape which had

lain dormant and bare

Trees once darkened silhouettes against

a grey heavily laden sky

now held a vista of verdant pastur...

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Drenched in Duplicity

Drenched in Duplicity


Despair falls like the waters of a cataract on all humanity

in which life seems to offer very little certainty

With the best of intentions we struggle to survive

in a world in which few are able to thrive


Those who rule the roost of immense power

live divorced from reality in their Ivory Tower

To acquire power and wealth they deceive

all of u...

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Another Condition

Another Condition


With the white ring of confidence

around his neck

With a dog collar dressed

in a black suit

He said that homosexuality 

was a condition

High blood pressure is a condition

Alopecia is a condition

Psoriasis is a condition

Water retention is a condition

Tinitus is a condition

According to the man in a dog collar

I have a condition

My co...

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