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An Outlook

An Outlook


Who do we think we are?

I cannot prevent a wave from reaching the shore

Nor can I alter the colour of my eyes

I may sit aloft in a theatre box with opera glasses

With an incomparable view before me

But understand little of what I see

I cannot start or stop the eruption of a volcano

Or decide where a bird will lay her eggs

The elements of wind, rain, sunsh...

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A Mask

A Mask


Unlike the people of today

I have always worn a mask

Not to protect myself from a plague

But to prevent a too closer scrutiny of who I am

My mask is not detachable or disposable

It is a part of the identity I conceal

Most of the time I am not concious of it

I have grown accustomed to its cover

People are still able to recognise me

My mask is to hide my inn...

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The bombs kept falling

they rained a fury upon us

These bombs killed us

They fell with a hideous

screaming sound

They killed us a second time

burnt wreckage and torn limbs

Tiled floors smeared with our blood

We had died three times

before they picked up what was left of us

Wrapped in bed sheets and curtains

we were flung like sacks of potatoes


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Forced to Like

Forced to Like


People cannot be forced to like each other

I bear the scars of this truth

Their scorn is visible in their eyes

No longer do they need to shout abuse

or throw stones

They still deny me employment

Another tactic in the arsenal of prejudice

Which is now veiled

They even smile in an attmept to affirm me

But this cloak conceals a loathing

I cannot he...

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A Mortal Moment

A Mortal Moment


My eyes still see clearly now

despite my advanced years

Beauty I see and gaze upon

but no longer touch or embrace

Desire has taken its course

its energy has slowly abated

My joys and interests remain

which I savour and partake of

The past has a haunting quality

at which I glance or wince

Drops of embarrassment fall

on salacious appetites of ...

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