Poetry Blog by keith jeffries (Jun 2020)

Leaving Home

Leaving Home


I kicked off my shoes in disgust

as I had more time to waste and wait

I was impotent because of my age

bound by the law to adhere and acquiesce


I stood and fumed barely able to conceal my anger

I wanted to smash something, a nearby fish bowl caught my eye

The word livid was beneath the surface of my soul

I was about to explode at any moment


I ...

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Encased in Memory

Encased in Memory


I was not present when he died

but far away in a different world

Yet I could see him in his coffin

composed and peaceful

He had earned this

after a gruelling life

They buried him in a Church Yard

close to the west door.

He would not have minded

it was at mother's insistence

I was not there but I saw him

a noble figure still with dignity in...

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The Plateau of Reconciliation

The Plateau of Reconciliation


Winter lies dormant as a distant memory

Autumn ahead on a new blustery horizon

Spring has served its purpose of renewal

As we bask on the plateau of a summer's sun


We have reached that idyll of warmth and comfort

Where gardens are enrobed in fragrant majesty

A court of delightful colours as a Divine gift

Peace reigns in this kingdom o...

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The Black Sunbeam

The Black Sunbeam


It sat resplendent outside the front of the house

as it graced a dowdy neighbourhood with unrivalled elegance

It gleamed with layers of intense black polish

to announce its nobility and modernity


Along the street for those who did not own cars, yet some did

an intermittent array of other cars stood in awkward uniformity

They ranged from pre to post ...

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