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My Mother in Law

My Mother in Law


My Mother in Law is a woman of substance

not to be messed with or ignored

A matriarchal figure who rules the roost

woe betide those who challenge her spirit

Confrontation with her achieves little indeed

her stoicism is utterly remarkable

As is her intellect and wit

never to be underestimated or side lined

A mother, a grandmother, a linguist and more


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Images Lost

Images Lost


Images lost but time not forgotten

as I weep inwardly my irrevocable loss

Moments of exhileration and passion

hidden from view behind a curtain

A burning desire for release

amidst emotions of intense love ferment

They remain to this day

I am haunted by love and ever longing

My soul cries for the loss of you

O let me love you eternally

I yearn and h...

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There are times when we need to draw perspectives

to adjust our thoughts, views and opinions

To peer down a tunnel with blinkered sight

is to lose any sense of reality or normality

We are too quick to judge and fall victim to errors

when quiet reflection can sober our thoughts

and cleanse those cerebal cavities

Those who seek fame and wealth are always wit...

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A Vacant Room

A Vacant Room


It spoke not one word of its owner

there were no signs of it being lived in

Large windows gave an abundant light

there were no curtains only blinds

The furnishings were spartan and unadorned

with clear lines of black, white and glass

The sofa was of black shiny leather

a two seater with a matching armchair

A clear glass table for coffee and drinks


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A Dream of no Consequence

A Dream of no Consequence


I was in a large public park

the sort found in a city's suburbs

With large expanses of lawn

shaded by old well established trees

Herbaceous borders abounded

delineating pathways punctuated with benches

It was a summer's afternoon

and I was quite alone meandering

In my knapsack I had a large wedge

of English Stilton Cheese but nothing to ...

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