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He’d built a life’s path brick by brick

Held together by sand and stick


It rivalled her wall of crumbling stone

They stood together completely alone


She felt she knew him all of his life

But couldn’t understand the edge of the knife


Sharpened by resistance, ready to slice

the red thread between them, not once but twice


Once in dreams...

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Gentleman Caller


Never expect but always must anticipate
Children now asleep, I am freshly bathed
His fantasy diverting to an eager soliloquy
Gentleman caller
raps my door delicately


Dutifully agitated into dazed acquiescence
He thrusts me forward, a quickening zealous
One hand over mouth, other girdles my belly
Gentleman caller
then politely assaults me


I turn on kettl...

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The Comfort of Strangers at Hatton Locks Car Park



Who is that man

always parked next to us

When we meet early evening

He sits in his seat

Pretending to read a newspaper

While we create mischief

In the back of your car


Who is that woman

Who works in the café

Always friendly and curious

She asked us once

“What we were doing here so late?”

How could we reply


Who are those...

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Hatton LocksloveLove poemlove poetry


If only I could have a little madness

to release me from these stories.

Are you my sanity and my truth?

From a sin to a beginning

I continue devoted to endure

role of poetess and the whore

Could I, and did I

really write you into my life?


© Katy Hughes 2012


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lovelove poetrylove poem

Banished to Eden


We blend into each other’s colours

begging serpent’s curiosity of insidious skin.

Sullen hand removed, reveals scars in their beauty

motherhood replaced by conjured virgin within


Love’s chameleon tongues a hedonism

anxious lips kiss curved ribs appled in eye

pole dancing a Jacob’s ladder of debauchery

“Don’t move” you cry, and I’m flung far and wide



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Awaited awakening

loose lipped, tight tipped

Injecting deep into me

formaldehyde of jealousy


 Rhythmic warm chill

presses on pulsating throat

sticky skin anoints

soothing balm of obssession



Surrender fills silence

thighs pillow dormant anger

your cunning apology

having resentfully missed me


tendrilled fingertip...

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On a plane to Bahrain



A seat

Empty beside me

The distant glow

Of the fires below

Your spirit in the smoke

Does form


I nuzzle into

Your right shoulder

You hold my head

And kiss my cheek

“It will be alright.” you smile


Yet the tears still fall

I blink and look again

 you are not there at all



© Katy Hughes 2012





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lovelove poemlove poetry


Hearts dangling on a mobile

two apart

two together

no control

swirling, swinging

they turn

this way

that way

clanking, rattling

strung together

ever tangled

never free

whichever way the wind blows


           © Katy Hughes 2012



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Hidden Agendas

My husband’s lover is jealous of me
My husband is jealous of you
I am jealous of your wife
And she doesn’t have a clue


Honesty has no part to play
In this age old fashioned game
All delightfully free in delusion
The blood still runs the same


Katypoetess 2013

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Wedding Day

Stood alone
grounded by grey rock
papoosed tight in your arms
an altar before the Atlantic
commanding, tumulus ocean
serves as our priest


Two shells
brought from sandy shelter
where we consummated our love
gives us two rings to keep
fraught, fragile commitment
regardless of reality


You whisper
echoed by breaking wave
“Just you and me against the world...

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Irelandlovelove poemlove poetry

The Cottage

Completely captive, liberated and free

Thick damp walls are constraining me

Shrouding, chilling my pale virgin skin

I kneel at the hearth’s grey altar within

black blood of ghosts run down set stone

Displaying anger against intrusion below

As one of them passes by from the past

“Do you like living with me?” you ask


Simple domesticity lies softly at hand


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lovelove poetrylove poem



Paralysed, struck flat on my back
Irish sea sprays up a malady
leaches through impervious skin
And drifts my reliant apathy


Slow boat rocks, judders beneath
Bearing to shadowed grey land
Clouds reach down tentatively
Brushing the back of my hand


Far away, two children mourn
Loss of a mother who slips
Away with waves to another love
Another time, where...

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lovelove poemlove poetryIreland

Reality Check

Amongst the crowd
She never noticed me
Not one glance
But she was all I could see


It seemed unreal
Not quite right
That she was there
She’s your wife


My dreams crushed
My heart torn
I slip away
Irrelevant and small


Amongst the crowd
She never noticed me
Not one glance
But she was all I could see


© Katypoetess 2012

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Of Lilith and Anthony


Candle flame doth gently sway
Conjures the demon usually kept at bay
Lover’s felo de se shines bright as the moon
She knows the timing is far too soon


Shriek of hungry vixens surround
She runs to him on frozen ground
Barefoot beneath does not chill
the hunt to have the desired kill


He pulls heavy curtains tight
Blocks out the descending night
She claws ...

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By the wayside

Late arrival into meeting room
You look for me amongst
faces you command, commandeer.
I lower my eyes to defend
against the bulleted frontline thoughts
daring an agenda of fantasy.


Sitting opposite; each others target.
Our kindred spirits embrace
only once throughout the hour.
Quick chatter accompanies slow exits;
You need “a word”, and blend me into
a corporate gr...

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love poetrylove poemlove


Keep each other captive
Set each other free
Give all there is to offer
Take all there is to see
Make each other happy
Bring each other pain
Give all that is crazy
Take all that is sane


Torture, tease
Starve, nourish
Resist, desire
Hurt, cherish


No time


© Katypoetess 2012

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lovelove poetrylove poem


On the floor
Arms held tight
A dangerous edge
In your passionate eye

Are you beautiful?
Are you smart?
Are you sexy?
Are you mine?

My brow furrows
A hesitant smile
I’m uncomfortable
Say yes and comply


© Katypoetess 2012


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The waves carry you and I to meet
each creeps a little closer to my feet
I retreat, stung by approaching tide
I turn my back and try to hide
Hopelessly pulled back, my mind
succumbs to salty kisses entwined
Turn again with depth and force
of emotion from tempestuous source
Thrown up, smashed and broken
an inevitable part of loves token

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Poem from Prague



Your text message:


Where are you when I need your love?

All you offer is the darkness of your rage

If loving me is such a difficult religion

Maybe my death will wipe the anger from the page


Bohemia is here, it’s where it started

And is coiled within these walls

I can hear the venom calling

And drips poison in me, then crawls



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I’m a poet
a romantic
a fantasist
an illusionist
such will be my downfall


capture me
possess me
let me love you in reality
flatter my writer’s vanity
ink flows and unleashes
the very essence of you
you are every kind of hero
and villain to me


I could  never dare
to analyse
I would never want
to write
the final chapter of you

© Katy Hughes 20...

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lovelove poemlove poetry


Lay me down on the cold grey stone

and grasp my love to feel less alone

my leaden soul brittles, splinters then breaks

beneath the weight of your heart that aches


Fuck amongst death and in its' place

we create a new life within this space

time does not stop, fused blood will run

to drip on the clouds of setting sun


Katy Hughes 2012

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Yow is you

The you to me

The me to you

That no-one can see


© Katy Hughes 2012


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First taste

Warmth rising with my kisses

Shivering your belly softness

And downwards I go

Your hand, tangled tight

In my red messy tresses

The pulse in your wrist

Rhythmic against my neck

I tilt my head upwards

My mouth teasing and begging

for the very essence of you

our eyes briefly meet in expectation

And even lower I go

As I’m eager for the first taste


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Oxford Street Shopping




You look at him
And then to me
And back again
And smile at me
I catch your eye
And all I know
That you see the love
That cannot be known


You will tell another
Of what you saw
A peculiar couple
That showed you more
Of what can exist
Beyond the norm
A beautiful peace
Amongst the storm


© Katy Hughes 2012

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oxford streetsoholoveshopping

Stoned in Soho


A tall green house

On the edge of the square

Three top windows as eyes

Look on us in judgement

A balcony squashed between

Modern monstrosity

Pushing up seeking the sun

As we seek solace

In this anonymous city


I liken your wasted mind

To that corner pub

Dark panelled wood

Etched and knocked with emotion

Holds history behind

A ha...

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Hotel Shower


I look up

Diamond light falls downward

The mist stills time

And I catch you

Clasp the love

Wistful and listless

That drips between us


Naked, exposed and alone

Arms holding knees with unease

against the hotel window


A beautiful view over the city

Meaningless lives scurry below


I tell him it the most important year of his lif...

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An ode to idling on a Sunday

We snuggle and scruffle

Tangled in each others love


We snooze and snore

Wrapped in each others arms


We nibble and nuzzle

Bound in each others innocence


This time equates

To a divine eternity


and wonderfully misspent

With you


© Katy Hughes 2012

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The Joint Poem

Tap, tap,tap


Inspiration is your aspiration

You hear nothing but your own thoughts

I’m wasted and watching

Drinking and inhaling

the cruel comfort it gives

Living the low life with you


© Katy Hughes 2012



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Happy Fucking Father's Day

Relentless June rain juggles summer of performance

To the rolling up of realisation, also someone’s daughter                                                        

Equestrian misses whipping mistress, remains martyred loner     

Highly billed, sought after, ticketed circus owner


Medium of intuition dangles planchette of indecision

To your high wire of collusion, an in...

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Winter of Discontent



I walked out on a white world,
I changed within it, as the cold remembered me and let me in.
I stumbled towards the cover of the sky,
And found the corpse suspended in the liquid jar.
I bled onto the soft carpet, and the blotting paper puddle oozed
until it disappeared beneath a new layer of lies.
I was the corpse,
Was I looking at my future or my past?

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Fifty two

Thirty eight

Embraces the world

Wants to escape


Self absorbed

Deeply romantic

Goth whore

Keeps it safe

Takes the risk

Something he’s found

Everything she’s missed


Entwined we find

A mercurial kind

Of love,

Understood, undefined


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lovegoth whore

The Bed and Breakfast Test

I asked my husband this morning

To make me marmite on toast

Lightly toasted please

Lots of butter

Lots of marmite

Cut into triangles

Pooling and chaotically spread


It arrives

Two whole slices

Slightly burnt

Marmite and butter evenly spread


I smile gratefully, yet I’m perplexed

If I asked my lover to do the same

Would he get it righ...

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Little bohemia in Warwick


Remember these times

He urged me earnestly

Does he know that

I lived a dream in one afternoon?

Everything I ever desired

And hoped for came together

In one climatic peace


The empty bottles stand proud

Brimming with translucent love

Wisps of heavenly smoke

dance and tease the air

that surrounds us

Unable to write

I live


© ...

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Extra Hot, Extra Wet, Extra Shot


If only I could capture

the essence of you

Changeable and variable

bitter and sweet

your love's fresh aroma

makes my heart beat


and if I peer down

I can see through

the froth on top

extra hot, extra wet, extra shot

and there you are

all wonderfully mixed up

within my coffee cup




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lovehatton locks

First Night

First Night


A messy room

Two messy heads

“Will you marry me?”

He quietly said


A shadowed celebration

assured but never taken

shrouded and unknown

the beautiful unshown


© Katy Hughes 2012




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forbidden lovesecretproposalweddinglove

Echo (aka In response to the infamous You Tube performance)

Do you realise what will be will always be

And do you realise what will never be the same

And do you realise what we were put here for

For some to give the glory

And others give the pain


I once had a friend

But I wanted more than friendship

Wanted more than he could give

I once had a love

though I wanted more than loving

Wanted more than just to liv...

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loveobsessionlove poetry

What is love?

What is love?


Fills the emptiness

Breaks the wave

Turns the head

Twists the fate

Destroys the expected

Shapes the form

Spoils the beauty

A silent call

Rouses the sleeping

Leadens the heart

Haunts my spirit

When we are apart


© Katy Hughes 2012



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The Oak Tree

The Oak Tree


Looking up

while you lay on me

I tried to grab

a falling leaf


but I missed

I couldn’t quite reach

the wish that fluttered past

in the breeze


When I promised forever did you feel time stop?


weaving and crossing

memories gently sway

between the branches

until you spoke


we will make it ours


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oak treehatton lockslove




The moon lies beautiful

half veiled behind the clouds

it dares not shine as a whole

muted in its lair


The quiet forbidden love,

nestled in the shadow of tomorrow

Waits patient to be born Brittle,

but not yet broken

Both struggle for their moment in the light


© Katy Hughes 2012

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Hatton Locks

Hatton Locks


I tread the towpath in anticipation

The breeze cool, the sun bright.

Swirling together in hope and indecision

The grasses brush against and tease my skin

A fateful silence filled with intuition


I wait by the café, butterflies outside and within

Texts exchanged and you decide

That opportunity wins your mind

One tea, one cappuccino, man...

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hatton lockslove

The ending that started the beginning...

This world, another time


I was Caitlin to your Dylan

I was katymonster to your kitten

You were the dark lord to my little goth whore

Lost in the characters of our creation

We were each others exception

To the usual norms and rules behind this door 


We discovered our darkest fantasies

And lived in our wildest dreams

In a chaotic chasm of love and s...

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