On a plane to Bahrain



A seat

Empty beside me

The distant glow

Of the fires below

Your spirit in the smoke

Does form


I nuzzle into

Your right shoulder

You hold my head

And kiss my cheek

“It will be alright.” you smile


Yet the tears still fall

I blink and look again

 you are not there at all



© Katy Hughes 2012





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Mikhail Smith

Mon 19th Nov 2012 22:36

- Katy, here's a testimonal from Bahrain Air web -

"The aircraft is clean and in a good condition it’s in excellent situation, the crew is nice good and friendly. For sure I will let all my friends know that it was wonderful flying with Bahrain Air and I would like to fly again because of such nice crew and such competitive rates". -
- There was no need for you to cry Katy -


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Nigel Astell

Mon 19th Nov 2012 12:38

Inside the smoke
Is a spirit
You inhale it
That is why
When you look
He has gone.

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Sun 18th Nov 2012 15:09

So much happening within so few words.Brilliant !!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 18th Nov 2012 11:53

Very compelling. 'Your spirit in the smoke does form..' is lovely. And I like the stanza layout.
Was there a specific reason for the 'right' shoulder? Other than a connection with 'alright'? IMO, I thought the soft 'oa' sound carried the emotion well, like sighing and mourning, without the sharpness of 'right' at that precise point.
You might double check whether 'all right' is still the accepted spelling, although 'alright' is certainly casually used.

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