The Cottage

Completely captive, liberated and free

Thick damp walls are constraining me

Shrouding, chilling my pale virgin skin

I kneel at the hearth’s grey altar within

black blood of ghosts run down set stone

Displaying anger against intrusion below

As one of them passes by from the past

“Do you like living with me?” you ask


Simple domesticity lies softly at hand

Isolation and introspection does command

A love not in pieces, but just in peace

All fighting and triviality here must cease

Shadows of wedlock that have been before

Chastise material desires pouring hot scorn

On shallow perceptions of what is adversity

It’s no comparison to their suffering and poverty


Bright thin streams of the morning light

Still don’t quite reach upstairs night

Full of forgiveness, the crows cry out

              Fire burns away the embers of doubt

Quiet warmth of bonding here with you

Sounds of nothing resonate through

Lost souls opposed thrown back to the past

Slowly found again, understanding at last


You join my worship, brazen nakedness

Pushing heat inside wanton tenderness

Blessed amongst peat, coal and the dirt

Faithful in fragility, love is spent and inert

Drifting through, they don’t punish our sin

Listening as we confess, indulge and redeem

The intrusion is reborn, a circle of collusion

We bury ourselves in its beautiful absolution


             © Katypoetess 2012


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tony sheridan

Mon 22nd Oct 2012 20:04

WOW!! Take care, Tony.

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Nigel Astell

Mon 22nd Oct 2012 15:59

Upon pale virgin skin
Cold ghost passes through.

The phantom of a
Strenuous marriage gone wrong.

New love enters you
He whispers please forget.

Poisonous pleasure bond together
Fuck all night long.

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 21st Oct 2012 20:03

Puzzling opposites: Captive/free, black/blood, fighting/triviality,It is only a guess, but the first stanza reads a bit like a damsel in a tower...until the question.

The second like memories of `domesticity` reviving, but not quite getting through (from downstairs?)

The third stanza ends with `understanding` `bonding`(so all is well again?)

The last stanza points to an unequal bonding `my worship` and the `brazen`, the `dirt` the`nakedness` and mention of the religious `sin` and `punishment` and `confess` and `redeem` being linked with the not very redeeming `indulge` give it a sort of dominatrix feel.(or is that the picture?)...However the ending of`absolution` signifies that all is well.

(This is a genuine attempt to understand what is going on in the poem)

For some inexplicable reason it made me keep thinking about the old Irish saying about someone `having mercy on their own soul`.

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Sun 21st Oct 2012 13:32

Brilliant!!!Rich in words,rhythm and rhyme.Well done.

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