Gentleman Caller


Never expect but always must anticipate
Children now asleep, I am freshly bathed
His fantasy diverting to an eager soliloquy
Gentleman caller
raps my door delicately


Dutifully agitated into dazed acquiescence
He thrusts me forward, a quickening zealous
One hand over mouth, other girdles my belly
Gentleman caller
then politely assaults me


I turn on kettle as he retreats from my thighs
Thirst now quenched in this arduous night
Shivered sticky heat departs my skin freely
Gentleman caller
demurely drinks his tea


Mug carelessly discarded by cold kitchen sink
For morning to remind me of where he has been
Abandoning mistress with torn, tainted nightie
Gentleman caller
hastily takes his leave


© Katy Hughes 2012

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Nigel Astell

Sat 29th Dec 2012 17:32

Torn nightie
Sweet sugar
Stays sticky
At bottom
Of mug
When discarded
By your
Gentleman caller.

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Sun 23rd Dec 2012 13:42

Don't think you should be on here Katy,you should be writing scripts for Hollywood movies.Sooo much action brilliantly and vividly described in so few words.We are reading on here the words of a genius.Well done !!!!!!!

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