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That Which Autumn Leaves (REPOST with Audio)

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something for Halloween and Autumn

That Which Autumn Leaves


The clowns were funny in the ring,

as they joked and tumbled and fell -

but in the camp, after the show,

they made our young lives hell.

Still in their masks of garish paint

and drunk on Vodka shots,

they cut and bruised and beat us,

hatching cruel, twisted plots.


I never saw the demons


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I have released a new poetry/music album titled 'Screaming Blue Murder' under my recording project THE CROWS OF ALBION. The title track is provided above.

There are 16 tracks (1 cover) all of which were originally posted as poems on Write Out Loud.

Over the past 5 months I've been working them into 'songs' with a great producer - John Kettle from Merry Hell at Music Projects in Wigan.


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STILL IN THE WAR, BOYS! - new CD and download from THE CROWS OF ALBION

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My music project THE CROWS OF ALBION have released their new CD and DOWNLOAD on 1st October 2014.

21 tracks across 80 minutes featuring 14 poems I first posted to Write Out Loud (see link to tags below) set to musical backings. The remaining songs are covers versions (Motorhead & Bob Dylan) and traditional wartime favourites 'Pack Up Your Troubles...' and 'It's A Long Way To Tipperary'.


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Death Of A Poet (Anthem For Doomed Youth) MUSIC VERSION

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Death Of A Poet (Anthem For Doomed Youth)

The grey November sky has lost its light,
 just one more boy has fallen to his death,
 another lad who won’t survive the fight
 or pass beyond this final exhaled breath.
 Though many soldiers leave this war unheard,
 their stories lost forever, never told,
 this one will paint us pictures with his words
 that will not lose their power or grow old...

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The Walkin' Man (Audio Version)

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some of you kind Write Out Louders offered me some great encouragement when I posted this poem earlier this year (tribute to Pete Seeger) and suggested it might work well with a musical backing -so - I've been in the studios and produced this version - I hope you like it:

The Walkin’ Man

Serendipity Spangle was a walkin’ man -
of that, there is no doubt,
he walked across great continents

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Cycle Of The Scarecrow (audio version)

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Cycle Of The Scarecrow

before she came
I stood here
for what seemed like eons
with a blood red sun
setting behind me
my head full
of nothing more
than sawdust
straw and dreams
a hole in my chest
where beetles scuttled
happy come rain or shine
my only fear
that crows might see
through me
be brave and bold
and strut towards me
then peck out
my button eyes

now as the shadows g...

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CROWS OF ALBIONcycle of lifemagicscarecrowseasons

Thirty Plus Years In An Open Necked Shirt (audio version)

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Re-post from earlier last year - now with audio and music backing

Thirty Plus Years In An Open Necked Shirt.

Johnny Clarke, Johnny Clarke
a walking bag of bones
staggers out onto the stage
like Woody from the Stones
rapid fire delivery
sprays all with Salford tones
jitters, jives, ducks and dives
wrestling with the microphone

Johnny Clarke, Johnny Clarke
in much need of a comb

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CROWS OF ALBIONjohn cooper clarketribute

Overdose (Of Love)

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Overdose (Of Love)


I’ve taken an overdose,

pumped into my veins

the fever of love,

now I’m going insane.

It’s deadening sense

and destroying my brain –

what the hell do I care?

but I can’t stand the pain.



take my breath away


is there no other way?


The dragon of darkness

tells you to stay,

as morning bre...

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Alien Feelings

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Alien Feelings


Shattered, splinters of midnight

caressing and glancing off skin.

White, frozen beams of moonlight

that spotlight two strangers dancing.

Electric blue, cutting through mist

as a small, fair hand is held near –

then a blinding flash as two lovers kiss

and a slow, gentle, ebbing of fear.


Eyes drawing near, then cutting like lasers


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Northern Lights (54th)

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Northern Lights (54th)


The Northern Lights are ablaze tonight

And, oh, I’m feeling down.

You never could just treat me right,

You always played around.

This fallen angel’s lost his wings

And come, at last, to ground –

While all the while my world turns

And those Northern Lights go round.


The heavens glow with neon arcs

The skyline blazes brigh...

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The Sparkle

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The Sparkle


The Sparkle,

silver starlight in your eyes,

a soft touch

before we say goodbye.

It’s over too fast,

I hope this feeling will last

until the morning


The Sparkle

of teardrops on your cheek.

All my tears,

the happiness I seek

was over so fast,

I hope this pain won’t last

until the morning


The Sparkle,


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Drunk (Spinning Wheel Blues)

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Drunk (Spinning Wheel Blues)


Two o’clock

and feeling so high.

Walking on walls

and touching the floor.

Spinning wheel blues

in the back of your mind.

Knowing you can’t take



Churning stomach

in time with each spin

as the room turns over

and throws you aside.

You clutch to the bed

as though you would fall

and – somew...

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The Clown

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The Clown


This make-up’s dried upon my face,

gone cracked with age and wear.

I can’t remove this absurd mask.

You’ll never know how much I care.


The girl with pretty eyes will smile,

the clown, so sad, will sigh.

Another chance has passed away.

Another star lights the sky.


You see the clown and laugh at him,

I turn away and cry,


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Black Widow

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The air is chilled,

the night has eyes

that watch the lovers

in the shadows.


in sinful eyes,

that hold the fear

where no-one goes.

A prowling man-trap,

scented breath,


to hold her own

in crowded rooms

that smell of death,

when you're singled out

and on your own.


Black Widow comes


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Hostile Street

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keen to make use of all the wonderful features on this site. so am attempting to load an audio recording i did a few years ago as part of a performance piece of poems put to music. if it works ok i may post a few more further down the line. influenced by john cooper clark, roger mcgough and patrik fitzgerald - maybe leans a little too much towards the music to be a 'real' poem (?)




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