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I have released a new poetry/music album titled 'Screaming Blue Murder' under my recording project THE CROWS OF ALBION. The title track is provided above.

There are 16 tracks (1 cover) all of which were originally posted as poems on Write Out Loud.

Over the past 5 months I've been working them into 'songs' with a great producer - John Kettle from Merry Hell at Music Projects in Wigan.

The style is very eclectic - punk, rock, folk, loops based etc - and whilst the topics are generally a view of the world today - some are more nostalgic and have historical settings.

The CD costs £5 to download on the link below (tracks can be listened to for FREE on this link too) or CD's can be purchased for the same price at my gigs. If anyone wants a CD from me direct - then please message me and I'll get one posted to you (there will be an additional cost for postage).

In any case - please take a listen and see what you think. I am told Write Out Loud does not review music albums - "even if they are poetry based" - it's to be hoped Bob Dylan, John Cooper Clarke or Eminem don't post on here and expect to get a review.

If anyone wants to do a small review - just add it to the comments.

Hope you like it.


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Blood Brothers In Arms ►


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 16:53

Ian - congratulations on your latest endeavour. The creative drive takes many forms and those like you who
persevere with the courage of their convictions deserve
encouragement and applause. I may not be a fan of the
type of music you choose (and had some difficulty deciphering the words used on your posted my own experience there is a tendency to over-record instrumentation nowadays) - but getting the material out there is an accomplishment to be
proud of. As for poetry and lyrics - I remember the comment from the greatest lyric interpreter of them all -
Frank Sinatra - who, when discussing his wonderful ability
to "put across" a lyric, said he was somewhat mystified
as he was no great fan of poetry. It is a fine line to tread
and the greatest lyric writers can divorce themselves from
the effects and influence of poetry per se. I say that if it
works, it works!

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Tue 2nd Oct 2018 23:42

Brilliant. Corbyn should have got you singing this at the Labour Conference.It would have led to the downfall of the present government.Reading the words to the tracks while listening to the songs is perfect entertainment.Well done.

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Ian Whiteley

Tue 2nd Oct 2018 23:31

Thanks everybody - it's really kind of you to give such positive feedback.
From my earliest record buying days in the 70's I've always been drawn to the lyrics of songs - being hopeless with music I tended to dabble in bands but put more effort into the poetry and spoken word.
Imagine my surprise and delight that really good musicians were willing to work with me on my poems and develop them into songs and musical performances.
I agree with your comments - poetry is poetry - if it's got music with it so be it - but the basic form is poetry - it was conceived as poetry and then became something (more?) else.
So I was a bit disappointed for WOL to dismiss this work as though it wasn't anything to do with poetry.
Your supportive comments have made me feel a lot better about that - particularly coming from such clever wordsmiths as your good selves.
David - YES! The Stranglers - one of my influences definitely - got everything they've done.
Darren - glad you're liking it - seeing your own influences I thought you might.
Big Sal - yes please - do that review - let's create our own review space if the one we have is too narrow to contain us!
Taylor - cheers mate
Anya - glad you're liking it - I can't claim credit for Jerusalem - that's a Steve Earle song - my favourite recording artist - a novelist, a poet and a songwriter - who'd have thunk it? :-)
Thanks so much Ray - it's good when things come together - piano is one instrument I have major respect for but have never worked with.
Big Thanks everyone - I love ya!

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Tue 2nd Oct 2018 21:30

An impressive achievement Ian, and packs a definite punch in this musical form. It's clever how the words dovetail into the music; a thing I always respect as I am a pianist and a poet, but ne'er yet has the twain met!

Respect required here in every sense.


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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 2nd Oct 2018 20:58

Excellent track all the best with the album...?

Big Sal

Tue 2nd Oct 2018 20:56

That's great to see music being cross-promoted with poetry. Good luck on your endeavors with it, music is always a worthy outlet to turn to, and to be able to turn that into true art can transcend the lifestyle most poets are accustomed to.

I will give a listen to this over the next couple days now that I have some free time on my hands. If you're interested, I can write a review for it after going over it a few times for a listen. I wrote a review for Taylor Crowshaw's debut anthology "Shhhh!!!! We Don't Talk About That" that is available to read on my profile page under the same name. After submitting the review and not hearing back from the WOL editor or team, I decided to release it as a blog post instead (it sold a couple copies too).

To be honest, I find doing reviews equally as interesting as writing a well-thought out poem. Something to think about. Either way, like I said - good luck.

Great cover by the way.?

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Darren J Beaney

Tue 2nd Oct 2018 20:45

Top work Ian!

Like David so far I have only listened to a couple of tracks, but so far it is ACE!




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