Ghazal No. 1

Preamble: So I learned about the ghazal form from an amazing Urdu poet over on Instagram, and just had to try it in English. He paid me the greatest compliment by liking it. I guess you can look up the rhyme rules yourself if you're interested... 


Though Cupid did to you direct my love
It seems his aim was not correct, my love

Although my heart to you I freely give,
Affection I do not expect, my love

Your eyes are dull, gaze shadowed by regret,
No scorn nor scowling shall deflect my love

The ocean blue, the coldest chasm dark
Yet lack the depth to well reflect my love

Can feelings flourish yet on thorny ground?
We'll know that but in retrospect, my love

I pray that in a new life, rebirth paid
That our souls' pathways reconnect, my love

Let endless, grey eternity be mine
If sacrifice could resurrect my love

And when death beckons, he who wields the scythe
Must fell me too, should he collect my love

From Becky's pen a poem so contrite:
Sweet irony can you detect, my love?

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Becky Who

Fri 24th Jul 2020 09:28

Thank you both. It is a fascinating form to try.

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Fri 24th Jul 2020 02:59

Wow! Beautiful verse Becky. Love it! ?

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