How to be a terrible parent

Stay up until all hours with work stuff,

Then wonder why the kids act at their worst,

Insist they play alone when you feel rough,

Then wonder which will throw a tantrum first.


You promise something then you make them wait,

Then wonder why they give you endless grief,

Sling insults when the school run’s running late,

Then wonder why they’re lacking self-belief.


Recycle all the habits so ingrained,

Mistake your threats for rules and bribes for treats,

Learn nothing from your faults, your scars, your pain,

Then ask yourself why history repeats.

day 1Napowrimo 2019

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Tue 2nd Apr 2019 18:03

Easily assimilated because of the rhyming Becky, and makes a whole lot of sense. The point can often seem overpolished when the lines are so easy on the mind I feel, perhaps this awful tragedy of when to and when to we all feel at times (rhyme that is).

Highly effective in any case.


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Becky Who

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 17:28

I'd really like to write successful free poetry, with no rhymes. I'm seeking to try different textures and styles but I seem to be incapable of avoiding rhyming thus far. Maybe I need to take lessons or something. I agree that rhymes can so easily be forced and crass.

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Stu Buck

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 17:05

i think rhyme, when done properly, is as important a part of poetry as any. but too many people force rhymes and i guess its just left me a bit cold to it. proper rhythm and rhyme is beautiful though. i rhymed the last two lines of my latest and shuddered a little when it came out!

just personal preference i guess. you can tell your pieces work well live, as they force you to canter through the lines in your mind.

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Becky Who

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 16:46

Thanks Stu! I wish I could resist rhyming - that would be a really challenge. I just can't seem to escape.

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Stu Buck

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 16:19

great stuff becky

glad to see your writing on here again. i'm not a fan of rhyming stuff usually but for you i make an exception as the words work so well

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 1st Apr 2019 23:59

Excellent and a really strong message!


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Brian Maryon

Mon 1st Apr 2019 22:12've cracked it...excellent rhyming and rhythm with a rock solid message which everyone can relate to. Well done!

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