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The haunting of a broken tap: drip, drop

The thirst after the sun: drink, gulp

She never said a lot, gargling girl

Sliding in and out of my body

Helping me breathe, walk, talk

That was why I swam

It was water

Brought me alive floating out to No Man’s

Diving down to skim the sand

It was water

Wanted it, always had it, but could never catch it.

It was water


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I’ve peeled off my skin for you 

I’ve let you crunch my bones,

Consume beyond my flesh

Beyond my visceral tissues

Beyond my beating heart

Beyond the fibres of my being

Down to my soul

I’ve let you gobble up my spirit

I’ve let you slurp up my mind

Lick the lasting crumbs

of my emotions

Everything in me

Everything making me, me

All that constructs me


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loveheartbreakpainrelationshipemotionvulnerabilityvulnerablegivingsacrificejumpconsumefearpowerinterdependentinterlocksmitteninfatuationin lovebegprayhopedread

Deadly Devotion

There is no such thing as a river wide enough

to keep me from reaching you.

If there is no boat available,

I'll simply swim the whole distance for you.

Even if I get swept away by the current,

I will make sure my body reaches you at least.

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Alone and Lonely

If I had but a
To choose my fate
Farwell from this world

I'd rather drown
In the pool of tranquility
And die a peaceful death
Than be suffocated
Out of this lonlely life
Yearning for
Your lack of love.

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Life Tercets

A story about
                an old poet
    and his cottage

A dream of an old mariner
                lost in Wales
    adrift on his words

A memory of
                a young boy
    on his maiden voyage

A memory of
    lost at sea

A line on a chart
                between a girl
    and loneliness

A communion

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Moon in the Morning Sky

So out of place

Yet so beautiful 

Like the moon

In the morning sky

Losing its shine

And relevance 

With the Rising Sun.

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Illustrious Demiurge

Once in a blue moon and many light years ago,
Otherworldly starseeds began to incarnate,
and add to the menageries of the Milky Way's sacral space

in-between you and I: What a “sui generis”-jagged siamese
piece of a memory
with our other half
—filling us in—
on where we’ve been our whole life

So as to make known, any preconceived notion; shown in its true light, and meant to be…the des...

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I've been accused of
Not having wander lust
But only if they knew
How often I wander
Looking into your eyes
Sometimes losing my way
Getting lost
Into the depths of them
For hours together
Time is irrelevant
To the frustrated artist in me
As I keep trying to trace out
Your eyes
With mine
Without getting lost in them

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They judge me
All of them
Constant daggers of pity
Shooting from their eyes
For choosing the company of books
Over company of people
Loud music and
noisy dinner parties
Casual hangouts
where people
Talk and talk but
never seem to listen
You are missing out on life
They'd say
As they breeze out
for their quota of fulfillment
of this life
How would they ever understan...

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Almost Like The Fairytales …..

Beyond the stellar rays of mutual hopes

We knew each other well just like

The monsoon clouds and the rain drops

Sailing over the sky during heavy downpours


Days were like the fulfillment of dreams

With our mutual touches beyond limbs

All our words were jubilant in listening

Each other’s syllable sailing around


All our peaceful melodies lyrical passions

Like t...

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There are dawned mornings some often find the same balcony just months in difference,

Leaned over the same stretch of oak-beam and widen pupils

To untangle their breath as it intertwines with lake-steam;

And watch dragon-tailed sunrises in different-hued scenes.


Back inside a fire-warmed cabin held up by support beams over a thin beach

Prior to high-tide,...

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Short Circuit

I thought you were my diode

and that you only conducted towards me,

but you started flowing the other way

forgetting all about me.

So here I am now,

waiting until this short circuit will be over.

Will it ever be over?

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In Love In Angst

Whoever wants to die before his time-

Is not in love. How can it be so true

For someone who has seen


Both sides of the coin from the same distance!

War and peace, no matter -

You can’t afford to be slipped over.


So much to feel within, so much to feel

For, so much to feel genuine.

Yet you look for the end in itself?


Deep intimate theories invading


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life is beautiful

i would fall from heights
shaking Lucifer terrified
for Luna's starry skies to linger,
in a Jashar night, by your side.

floating on Chopin stroked ivory nocturnes
swimming in deep ruby pools of Pinot Noir
dancing on your flowering lips,
sweet with vanilla cigarette smoke.

life is beautiful.

phosphorus waves of purple patches
carry me from seas of stormy eyes
onto shores sanctuary ...

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lovelosssufferingartThe Smiths


The tranquility
Loves passionate fantasies 
Night of the full Moon

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