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Illustrious Demiurge

Once in a blue moon and many light years ago,
Otherworldly starseeds began to incarnate,
and add to the menageries of the Milky Way's sacral space

in-between you and I: What a “sui generis”-jagged siamese
piece of a memory
with our other half
—filling us in—
on where we’ve been our whole life

So as to make known, any preconceived notion; shown in its true light, and meant to be…the destiny
of two precocious old souls.

all of this is a lot to learn to live with
indeed a need - given that:
The Symbiosis, to compose yourself of good vibrations
and synergy,
— to keep it together
well within
the delicate balance —
are especially quintessential,
in that coalescing mystique; of being a polarizing figure

You are an emanation of universal law in our microcosm
(creating a safe space out of the respect for other people's boundaries)

Albeit, seemingly paradoxical, a good mantra has an aftereffect —
wrap your head around and grasp the concept... that this thought... is not who you are

mass confusion — so we the people will acquiesce - en masse
has been used, by "The Man" and his agents of chaos
(in a conspiracy) to cover up what matters most;
for the better half of an Epoch.

"Ah! what wonderment", for us to find hidden gems in divine proportions
... The omphalos inside every silver lining

My “national treasure"

it is through a transmutation process we’re given a crystal clear conscience…

— The future depends on whether or not the past will catch up with us,
as our higher selve's spirit guides each other in the afterlife.

Time and Time again



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