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That Old Me | Agonizing Words

In the midst of changing the world, I lost my soul while creating my life. Now when I look back to the time when I was still a kid so full of innocence, kindness, and full of happiness. Now life is like a rat race where all we can think about is just getting more and more involved in work to earn more for a better lifestyle. But have you ever thought of the time when you were a kid and when th...

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Make Me A Child Again

I was reading a blog a while ago where the author quoted a line from a poem which was 'make me a child again, just for tonight'. The poem was Rock Me to Sleep by Elizabeth Aykers Allen and I was so taken by that line I had to pinch it and add my own spin.


Show me the past again

Turn on a light

Make me a child again

Just for tonight


Show me the home where I grew up

Show ...

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“Shapes are everywhere, grandad.  EVERYWHERE! 

There’s a triangle, here’s a square!”

William pointed through the moving car’s window.

He said all this with an air of complete surprise.

But I felt challenged to open my eyes,

To perceive this world with the mind of a child.

Yes, shapes ARE everywhere, it cannot be denied.

I was impressed by his delineation

(He only turned fou...

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Forever Young


Is emblazoned across this shirt

Which you used to own.

It looks so tiny in my hands!

A visual manifestation

Of how incredibly tall you have grown

In such a very short time!

It makes me sad, yet happy,

To see it lying there.

A token of the special bond

We shared.


And share still.

Time has moved on, Will,

Your shirts are double that si...

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My Bleeding Mother

My heart is hurting.

It can’t contain the pain.

It seeps like beads of sweat out of my body

And falls like drops of rain.


The rain soaks my shoes,

then bleeds through to the skin.

The cold of winter settles;

it settles once again.


I cannot save my mother,

Though she and I both hoped that I could.

But I’m afraid that a daughter’s love

Can’t always do the t...

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Hide and Seek

Grandad’s garden is huge.

It has lots of places to hide.

Behind the tree, within the shed,

Behind that ginormous bush!

Eyes closed; I have counted to ten,

A trick I have learned from TV.

“Grandad! Where ARE you?”

A faintly distant reply comes

From somewhere in the garden,

“You have to find me, William.”

A pause. A rustle in the bushes.

“It’s the whole point of the ...

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'Seven Times'

‘Seven times’ ~ A poem for my younger siblings 

I have fallen in love seven times.

Seven pairs of eyes that blinked open

and looked back into mine.

My heart expanded into spaces

I did not know I had,

as your entire hand curled

around my single finger pad.

I no longer had but one shadow,

I smiled down to see now two.

Over the years,

your bodies changed and grew,


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The Changing of the Guard


Poor old grandad!

He’s not the man he used to be.

He’s out of puff when he goes up hills.

He has to stop to take his pills.

He has arthritis in his knee.

He forgets to wear his glasses

When he reads a story to me.


Poor old grandad!

He has to sit down in a chair.

When I jump on his shoulders,

To hug him, and bug him,

I’ve noticed some gaps in his hair!


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