“Shapes are everywhere, grandad.  EVERYWHERE! 

There’s a triangle, here’s a square!”

William pointed through the moving car’s window.

He said all this with an air of complete surprise.

But I felt challenged to open my eyes,

To perceive this world with the mind of a child.

Yes, shapes ARE everywhere, it cannot be denied.

I was impressed by his delineation

(He only turned four yesterday!}

And his fascination at God’s creation!


“My face is a circle,” he said, looking into the wing mirror,

“An oval,” I corrected, as only a teacher would.


Our senses dim, as we grow old.

We lose our wonder for all we behold.

But it’s all around us, the magic’s still there.

It takes a child, though, to show us where.



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John Botterill

Sun 29th May 2022 07:49

Thanks Holden. Your comments mean a lot to me 😀

Holden Moncrieff

Sun 29th May 2022 02:41

A wonderful poem, John, the beautiful relationship you have with your grandson always shines through! 😊

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John Botterill

Fri 27th May 2022 22:43

Thanks Julie and Stephen for your comments. He certainly feels that he can teach us all a lesson haha. He lacks nothing in confidence, bless him!
Thanks, too, for the likes Stephen A and Bethany 😀

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 27th May 2022 18:00

A lovely poem, John. It shows that we must never lose that sense of wonder and curiosity, whatever our age. Your grandson can teach us all something.

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julie callaghan

Fri 27th May 2022 12:19

A lesson to us all. 🙏

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John Botterill

Fri 27th May 2022 12:14

Thanks for the great comments Frederick! 😁 I have to say that "round" most accurately describes my shape haha 😂

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Frederick Kesner

Fri 27th May 2022 09:55

To the child "circle" is appropriate language; oval is precise and spherical is quite acceptable, so as the years and tutelage add on he shall speak more adeptly if nurtured in such things. Granddad is an excellent teacher! Quite "shapely" too, in the way that God has configured His creation. Thanks for sharing, John.

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