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I still believe!



What was it you said

As a I lay in my bed

One snowy Christmas Eve?


That if I believe

In what I receive

Comes from a magical place


Then, the world can be yours

There'll be open doors

Into realms 

beyond our time & space 



Merry Christmas & a better New Year to all on planet WOL! ❤️


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Christmasfamilypeace & goodwill to all

A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish 


I wish I could go back for just a day

I wish there was a magic way

To twenty years or so ago. 

To christmas past as white as snow.

To little kids in soft pyjamas, 

Christmas specials of telly dramas. 

Excitement sizzles in the air, 

Gifts from loved ones soon to share.

Special baubles cover the tree, 

Children waiting full of glee. 

Santa’s m...

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The Last Noel


In the bed, she lay

So tired & so frail

Like the room itself

So colourless & pale


At least, through the window

She could see the snowflakes dance

Falling in a serenade

To a winter's night romance


Her bed sores burned like hell

In this purgatory of self

A forgotten thing called living

Lay dormant on its shelf


But the snow fell so dreamlike


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Big Package For Little Dink 

It can’t be said cus I’ve lost my head forgotten more than we’ll ever know when the big package arrived for 

Little Dink 

simply wasn’t enough time to even think wrapped in yellow gold with bright purple bow 

looked more than 173 years old for I knew it must be as today’s 

the day of Little Dink’s birthday 

so there we all sat along the floor 

full of presents galore 

counted ...

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The pathway is a little bit chewed

A little bit covered

          In permafrost


The later that night

          The more you surely loss


Deepen the mind’s abyss

          Feel around for the light-switch

                   Avoid the claws


The voices in my head, they are an oligarch

          They know you more than your family

                   And th...

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A Dim Afterparty

A Dim Afterparty

Thou shall never know if words could ever suffice

Nor should the laws of nature bound the mind to the earth

For we exist as long as the fade of eternal light

Brings a dimming to the afterparty as we find it cannot always be night


And though our hands feel our knees and our locked chests

Some can see clearly yet roam in the subconscious dark depths

In a ...

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Respect Women, He Said

Respect Women, he said

I remember my skin was tight coming in from the low of a Maine night

When she

When she

When she

When she

Discovered my claims of

I could walk better, I ain’t in pain

But she knew something other than how my words were arranged

it were the muscles in and around my mouth, sculpting my face

Or it was the bags under my eyes

She related to when ...

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Make Mama Cry

When they say to stay gold

Is it for bright days to sit between your ears?

All the cotton clouds, two or three, right there?

Or is it to find strength for your arms to pull you over the mossed edge?


Mama cried after every light accomplishment

Whether it be reinstated love or you set a day aside for treks and hikes

Or graduated from University


You seen Mama cry when t...

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Nothing was more of a tangerine hue

Than the lowlight of Manitoba this morning

The Winnipeg River calmed at the foot

Of its rapids and roaring

Kaylee never emerged from her tent

to see new shades

Or the vining philodendrons’ hearts

Curl and take shape

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planet earthprophecyfamily

Your Protector


In the morning I held you so tightly

As the dawn light drizzled our bed

Wondering if your dreams fluttered lightly

From the kaleidoscope in your head


Did the rays of the sun come and catch them?

And filter a rainbow of dreams

Then gently release & dispatch them

Into shimmering rivers and streams


Did the water taste like sweet nectar?

To the ones who drank ...

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If We Love It...

What if those cells collide
what if the world beats to a different rhythm
What if our path is forked
What direction will we take
What if we have no choice
for the first time in our lives

What if things go smoothly
What if then we're three
What if it gets hard at times
What if we do our best
What if something 
we never thought was in us
well, what if it suits us

What if there's a n...

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The Changing Breeze


Before the demolition

Turned my old Street

Into rubble

I went to steal some memories

Of our laughter & our struggle


I went to hopscotch down

The chalk lines of the past

Play tag with the echoes

Of ones who didn't last


Time had aged the street

Like a persons face too old

It wore the strain of many toils

From the ending of 'black gold'


I wal...

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If you were to leave your body with this breath, you’d float across the lake like dandelion seeds on the wind; the cool denseness of the surface buoying you, the deep gravity of the water anchoring you.

If you were to leave your body with this breath, the stars would twinkle just as if you hadn’t, but the moon, the moon would heave earth and ocean just to draw you heavenward.

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The Withered Vine



I watch her slowly

 fall from grace

Her body still

Her mind displaced

New memories 

no longer stay

they simply  


drift  a w    a         y

Like a mist around

a mountain old

that dissipates

as the dawn unfolds

She's there in body

but sparse of mind

Sometimes it's hard

to seek, and find

The vibrant woman


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You're the first thing I ever knew 
The first sounds I ever heard 
The first movement
First heartbeat
First meal
First love 

Your womb was my home and in it I built my existence 
In you I grew and gew
And through you I met myself 

I am to you
As the light is the dark 
The seed is the flower
The rain is the ocean 

Your cells are mine 
And through you I exist 


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Is it because we live in a nuclear family
That we can conscience this nuclear world
As if somehow all those other people
are less significant
being them.

What if I did not know my mother or father
Did not know my aunt or uncle
What if they could be any one of the billions and billions 
of people anywhere in this world

And maybe my ancestors have returned again
In Burma or Sudan or Ne...

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meditationfamilynuclear powerworld war


My loved Brother

Today, in the middle of my weekly shopping

Between bananas and tomatoes

I found red plums.


The noise around me

Made silence,

My mind traveled 24 years ago,

To our small city,

so distant that looks like another life.



Each month we used to buy

two plums and one sweetened milk,

our monthly rewards

nobody except you, can under...

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A Reflection


The man in the mirror

No longer looks like me

His best years are behind him

There's nothing more to see 

His daughter is a woman

With family of her own

The years now seem to fade away

Into the bleak unknown

Although I'll keep on dreamin'

Of better things to come

Sometimes I feel like runnin' free

Into the rising sun

A slither of a silhouette 

Against a s...

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Monday in Tier 4, New Year Jan 4

Facebook is full of futility;
pandemic emotional ping pong
vapid mini Directors spouting “truth”
proving a point to the other side

The class divide is dividing us,
fuelled by media-driven Morgans 
who needs to create division to thrive
pointless pricks with absent minds
Propaganda piloted, spoon-feeding 

Humans walk past Joe the homeless, 
humming on their way into work
happily stil...

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ChildrenfamilyhomelessLockdownMediaparentsTiers; Covidworking

A New Breath

He flung the rope 

over a branch of a tree

And fluttering down

came a few dead leaves


He watched them rest

upon the cold, crisp earth

And cursed his mother

For his wasted birth


This year of pandemic

Had him stripped to the bone

Made him jobless & useless

A bear in his home


Frustration begat anger

And anger begat fear

Unable to provide


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covid 19familyHopelifenew beginnings

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