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The hypothesis

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I panicked today. 

The reality of my mortality hit me. 

I believe in reincarnation, this manifestation isn’t the end. 

But the finality of my current reality, 

stirs a new uneasiness in my soul. 


I Panicked today. 

How could my soul ever survive 

without you by my side, 

The custodian of my heart, 

in new life torn apart, 

incomplete, unable to be one. 



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The Void

Hey there lonely girl,

what are you doing wandering around

these dark places?

Don’t you know that 

evil lurks about? 

The void is littered

with those who will use you,

abuse you,

scar your soul for eternity. 

Listen to my pleas,

I’m begging on bended knees,

move forward

towards the light,

no matter how tempting

the mysterious

shadows may be. 


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Soul Scars

There you are beaming 
at everyone you meet
posting highlights,
keeping it together. 

But, I see your soul scars...
loneliness, heartbreak,
disappointment, addiction,
depression, despair...

It's enough to turn
most souls to dust.

But not us.

Diamonds are made from 
coal under pressure.

Show your scars,
keep the faith,
and shine on.

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