The hypothesis

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I panicked today. 

The reality of my mortality hit me. 

I believe in reincarnation, this manifestation isn’t the end. 

But the finality of my current reality, 

stirs a new uneasiness in my soul. 


I Panicked today. 

How could my soul ever survive 

without you by my side, 

The custodian of my heart, 

in new life torn apart, 

incomplete, unable to be one. 


I panicked today. 

Would you care? Or even remember?

Because for all eternity I’d yearn for you, 

inside my heart would burn for you,

Enraged if you dared belong to another. 


I panicked today. 

At the desolate lifetimes before me without you here to support me, 

No You to make my soul feel alive. 

My heart heavy with sorrow, and this melancholy hollow,

Filled with a pain not prophesised,

Just hypothesised. 



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Priyanka Joshi

Mon 4th Feb 2019 12:47

Thank you ? it’s a notion that regularly gives me anxiety, some comfort in knowing others can relate! X

<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 08:57

a discomforting feeling.....many will associate with your words who have found their soulmate but just can't be together?

beautifully expressed!!

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