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The Last Rose

On a snowy day,

In a dimly lit street,

An ailing girl, utterly dismayed

Perches under the canopy of an enormous tree.


Looking heavenward,

Her eyes well up a little.

Perhaps she’s waiting for a special someone,

But all that comes to her are snowflakes, frosty and brittle.


She tears the icy veneer of the earth

With her gloved fingers.

And buries a white rose b...

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Sky Wheel


Sky Wheel

Big sky wheel from heaven rolls over the land squashing houses and people and cities and families. Sky wheel doing its business from who knows where. A trail of loose house bricks that once were human dwellings. Now rubble. Where are the people? Under the boot of the sun wheel, totally fucked. Who sent this kilometre diameter circular thing to Planet Earth?

Wrecking ever...

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bizarreculling of mengeneticsscifi and surrealism






I know a guy who works in the power station shovelling coal into the big fat hungry generator to light up the local towns and cities with the light we all take for granted.

In his spare time he likes to dress as a snail and be spanked with a large alloy-spanking paddle till his snail shell is black and blue. He once nailed his bollox to a board an...

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Gonna jump into the pond in my garden

down towards forever.

I see it crystal clear shimmering

like the very air on a winter’s day.

Love hearts stuck onto fragile flesh

mark my passage but yours is time,

stands time, as water flows and light sparkles

as distance is unwanted, direction is unknown.

On my way to you, wonder idly,

are ...

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