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Fast Forward

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Step into  the light....
See the real truth.
The writing that’s on the wall.
Trouble times ahead for us all.
Burning trees to feed the nations
Polluted skies that hide the lies.
The greedy masses who just don’t  care. 
The fate of the planet in careless hands

So cry to your gods for your eternal salvation.
Dare to hope that those cries will be heard
Absolution for this world's wrong do...

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destroying the planet

Humans: the race that plagues the Earth

You see the USA and UK
Having pride for our race
When really, we are a disgrace
But the truth always is the hardest thing to face

We hurt the world that gave us life
Proving our greed has no price
We are a plague upon the earth
Taking it for all that it is worth
Money comes before conservation
Because nothing is worth it, without gaining a sum
Disguising our greed as caring for what's ...

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