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Those words we share

                and those we don't

The ones you use

                what do they mean?

So much is lost between the lines.

That inflexion or joy I might have heard

is mute


Those words we share

                and those we don't

The anger I feel in you

                what do your eyes show?

I can never know as I read the lines.

The thoug...

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Forbidden Fruit

You don’t know what it’s like

to care for someone, the way I do you.

You don’t know what it’s like,

Being around the forbidden fruit.

You don’t know what it’s like,

to look like a genuine fool.

You don’t know what it’s like,

to be in love with you.

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Confusion of Promises on a Blurry Canvas

We have been with each other for a number more than three which is quite well grounded for a relationship as ours.


Do we count the years to guarantee us eternity, or rather regard the conscious events that made and make us one?


I beat my brains out every so often whether your intentions remained firm during the whole time you’re with me.


You tend to lose tender attachment i...

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Love's Expounded Complexities

Love is a noun

                  in the need of finding it,

                  once found, a verb.


                  Love is a beast

                  so wild

                  haunting on its prey.


                  Love is a drug

                  leading to addiction.


                  Love is a novel

                  starting at prologue,


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Ich Du

“Ich du, Ich du!”

Those words meant nothing to you.

Nought but bindings

Tethering me to you.


Your loving face turned hard,

Your gaze hurting me like barbs.

“Ich du, Ich du!”

The words that bind me to you.


Your  ghastly glare

Evoking within me so much fear.

“I truly do love you dear,”

Barely but a long-lost whisper in my ears.


Your gentle touch tur...

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Fingerprint Cliché

Fingerprint Cliché

My dream took me into the darkest reaches of my mind

So far inside I met the black part of me where it all is

The grief of my dad who only recently died

All my past actions that hurt people and caused pain

The wrong parts of me still alive and hiding there

All this and more that I forget upon waking

A natural barrier that can’t be penetrated just now

It t...

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I have recently read
That pain is the hardest
Situation a human can
Try to explain.

If that’s so,
Is fear considered 
To be pain?

Does pain have to
Be a broken bone?
A head ache?
A tight chest?
A burn?

Is pain not
The anxiety of waiting
For everything to fit?
Is pain not
The force of trying 
to piece together 
two completely different
puzzles to become one? 

I can never...

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It’s almost as if you’ve been 

The moment 
you can take a breath
without feeling yourself
Cement is no longer
running through your veins
slowing every movement,
because now it is only gravel.
Your head is now 
not filled with buzzing static,
and instead 
the distant sound of 
electric storm clouds.
Enraged fire 
replaces the
sleeping snow.

You are finally se...

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Diffcult Feelings

Feelings are
Pent up
Held in

You feel

And wish

Come the moment
They are released
Or remain contained
More so repressed


All that matters is
You feel relief
No more pain

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The Close

Grey bin days

Ash spilling


From beneath


Loose-fitting metal lids

Carried back- breakingly

To the monstrous wagon

Limping it’s way

Around the close

Like a club-footed relic


Behind the chipped

Leaded glass of number thirteen

A terrible gargoylian face

Pressed up close

Stares out

Mrs Ashall has seen a football fly over her neat ...

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Prescription Meditation

The mental essentials
prescriptions to help us
Break the mold that is made for us ,
Dead or alive ,stories untold
Shallow individuals
Intrested in gold
The materialistic , the glamours are cold
With the evil besides us
and good surpressed in us
And fear of the unknown,
Potential untaped ,
Millions below us , the seven foot gap
Looks will be gone , but we are forever.
Embodied in  pict...

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No title

When the moon high up in the sky,
lights the way for the broken hearted,
who think everything was just a lie,
lonely they retarded.
When summer ends and fall arives,
the blue turns grey and white,
the appletrees finish their lifes,
just one apple,just one bite.
When girls on breezy fields,
pick flowers on a summerday,
the flirty guys will come their way,
on heavy wooden wheels.
When on...

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