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Like crocodiles

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Words, feeling, deeds,
nothing could tell you where this alley leads,
standing strong, the key in your hand,
nothing wrong with your pretended end.
Walking on, walking fast, the alley along.
Into the shadow you take a walk,
into the the shadow, into the dark.
The shape of twighlight people,
standing side by side.
The key just like a needle,
you are holding tight.
Passing the alley faste...

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Animalsmind powerpoetry

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When the moon high up in the sky,
lights the way for the broken hearted,
who think everything was just a lie,
lonely they retarded.
When summer ends and fall arives,
the blue turns grey and white,
the appletrees finish their lifes,
just one apple,just one bite.
When girls on breezy fields,
pick flowers on a summerday,
the flirty guys will come their way,
on heavy wooden wheels.
When on...

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