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What I'm Waiting for

the hue of the morning had a light drizzle
the sun gazed softly at the Goddess sweetly
I hurriedly opened the green lush
hope it's warm in the middle of the hut

the gurgling flow caresses
when natural singing lulls
soft grasshopper kiss on thatch
make life harmoniously balanced

really the Goddess missed by people
doesn't want to suffer from the rain
prostrating begging in silence

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Rhythm of the Winds

I heard the symphony of the day
I don't need to buy
I stopped listening to music playback
through leaves from one tree to another

the wind starts the violin
use sandalwood as rent
chasing songs full of souls
and gently carried around the branches

a calm breeze came
larger strings burst in
strong strains increase fast
and I listen to the melody pervade

gusts on the grass play soft...

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The Rhythm of Life

back in the birds singing open early
keep pace with the heart
turning the rhythm of life
the chance goes back to light
it should be colorful and cheerful

the hum of the water sucker
over the rubbing of the broom stick
prepare for the feeling of picking up hope
the squeal scream swarmed with courage
prepare yourself to catch up with charm

morning nature music gently swings
cool consc...

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I arrive in Peace
The warmth of home says hello
I have come to stay

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lovehaikuNaturepeace within one self

On earth away from earth

Are you a tourist or
A volcanologist my dear?
With a painful joy
To a live volcano  getting near,
Do you want to pay homage
To earth's nadir
Conscious that beneath a sea level
A sweltering heat you can bear?

Then to Erta Ale  go you not why
Found under Ethiopia's sky?
With a style jumping high,
Hitting the ground
Beating  drums, on their waists,
Sabres tied around
Afro men along wi...

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The voice of God/የእግዚአብሔር ድምፅ(trans in Amharic)

I bent again unto the ground
And I heard the quiet sound
Which the grasses make when they
Come up laughing from the clay
--We are the voice of God!—they said
Thereupon I bent my head
Down again I might see
If they truly spoke to me.
But, around me, everywhere,
Grass and tree and mountain where
Thundering in mighty glee,
--We are the voice of deity!—
And I leapt from where I lay:
I d...

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Once An Acorn

Handsome oak tree, one grand thread,

but split, split, split. Tangle of limbs,

cloud of leaves, your thread is

a network of veins; what is more

alive than you? What years have you

not known, and intimately:

their seasons have a particular ring

in your meticulous soul.


Unaware of my second nature

still you know how I plague a world

-it is in the air that sustains ...

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The Garden

I step out

Into that mystic choir

That holds my heart

Where time, standing still,

Moves with the seasons

Quietly changing my world

With its elemental tune

While my song is barely heard:

A contrapuntal whisper

Struggling for harmony


For my land is my chancel

Hymns hum soft on its breezes

And prayer rises in its stillness

In this quiet place of remembrance


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The Crocodile and the Weaver - Esteve Bosc-Perreux

The Crocodile and the Weaver By Estève Bosc-Perreux

In the forest, near a river,

Was placed the home of a weaver.

And in the Egyptian Nile,

There lived a crocodile.

But when he changed habitat,

In the river he sat.

“Hi there, you little bird.”

But that is what the weaver heard:

“Where are you my little baby?”

The weaver responded, “Can I help, maybe.”

“I’m sorry, b...

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natureweavercrocodile @nileesteve

Back to Nature

Nature, she called to me

Come lie down by my side

Whispering softly and soothingly under

her cool breeze breath

Hesitantly stumbling through my thoughts

Not wanting to give in too quickly to this request

I crawled around the bloody earth for what seemed like an age

Crumbling at times

Standing tall then crashing down

It is time

I will lie down with you now.

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Glancing from window

Into soft white snow wrapping

Signs of spring?


Long yellow catkins from twisted hazel

Where remains of distressed thoughts hung

Decaying yet diminishing as troubles often do


Frozen pond where jelly spawn from

Spent dead frogs was now protected

Ready to emerge as warmth re-appeared.


Tender plants pausing 


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Autumn leaves through the front door

Autumn leaves through the front door. 

The frightened leaves of the cherry trees 

Flee with the aid of the wintery breeze 

Get caught up in the metal frame 

Of the iron gate that stands tight shut. 

Their autumnal hues and end of the year  

Brittleness complete the picture 

Of the end of one season  

but also the beginning of 

a time of renaissance. 

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Night Next to Day

The rustle of the leaves in the air so dark

The black color of the autumn falls

The whistle of the wind, cool and covert

The striking chill, or lack thereof

The brightness of the moon that shines dull

The freshness of the invigorating air

The comeliness of the sky in bloom

The absence of invalid existence

The want for peace and quietude

The calmness and almost everlastin...

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Lon dark way

A long dark way and the loneliness deep
Some memories some wists along i keep
silence complete the wind one  can hear 
Hissing of moving leaves everywhere
A shady path  align with trees
A sight from all cares it frees
Some dry leaves  wistfully laid
Some still on trees all greenfly clad
A musk of dry dust in air 
The drowning sun with few last stares
rising some smoke from chimneys  far ...

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