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Black Light Bella



Dear ultraviolet 

your marks tonight light 

The darkest part of my heart

A radiant stain

bleeding naked beside me

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Tanka Poem


Tonight we won't need

That pack of cherry ponies.

All I want is to see you 

In the sun, dreaming

In my t-shirt tomorrow.

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Tanka poem




Blue fire turns to ash

Fast. You, me, we on the steps.

Take my arm, "you hold it warm,"

Stay closer still, "still I will."

Stay that way again,

Close, again, hands on a ledge

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Tanka Poem



Dark you are, lovely

Daughter of dewdrops and silt.

Im here by the edge dreaming,

Smoke, and you naked

Dancing slowly in starlight

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Tanka Poem



Stardust is falling 

On the sink behind the door

One line, midnight, rail once more

Prints on the mirror

In your eyes, always dying.

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tanka poem



your eyes are midnight

a dark November skyline

without stars about 

only clouds and raw kisses

and a zephyr’s drunk embrace

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Tanka Poem

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